“Simplicity is powerful”- Pooja Kadel, Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017 contestant

“Simplicity is powerful”- Pooja Kadel, Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017 contestant

-By Yougan Tamang

As the day for the grand finale of “Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017”nears and the preparations underway in full swing, we bring to you exclusive interviews of the 17 contestants, giving you an insight of why they are worthy of the win. Today we bring to you contestant number 8:

A learner and a dreamer, Pooja Kadel believes in the power of simplicity. A brilliant combination of beauty with brain, the 20 YO is balancing herself well between her real and reel life. An aspiring researcher (in Chemistry) Pooja has acted in upcoming regional films namely, Barsa and Rahasya. Born on 20th March, 1997, to parents, Rita Kadel and Late Rajendra Kadel of Ranipool, East Sikkim, Pooja completed her twelfth standard from Holy Cross School, Tadong. Presently, she is pursuing her graduation from Sikkim Government College, Tadong. She is also an active member of the All Sikkim Science Association and Students’ Representative Council. With already a taste of the show biz life, Pooja now eyes to win the much coveted “Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017” title. Know more about this Sikkimese beauty in the excerpt below from her interview.

TNT: How would you describe your personality?

A: I consider myself as an ambitious individual who is determined and dedicated. I am soft spoken, compassionate and grounded. I strongly believe that every person is an artist of one’s life and it depends on how we are going to paint the canvas of our life. I value the power of simplicity.

TNT: What according to you are the qualities needed to become a beauty queen?

A: Self confidence, charming personality, self discipline, dedication, devotion and positive attitude are the needed qualities to become a beauty queen.

TNT: Did you always want to participate in beauty pageant or particularly Miss Sikkim?

A: Yes, I always wanted to participate in beauty pageant since I was a child and being one of the top 17 contestants at Miss Sikkim 2017 brings me closer to my dream of being a beauty queen.

TNT: How will winning the Miss Sikkim 2017 title change your life?

A: Miss Sikkim is a platform for me to lead my life to a new direction. I will learn a lot not only about glamour, but also about my capabilities. As I said earlier, Miss Sikkim 2017 is a step with leads towards my dream.

TNT: What is woman empowerment according to you?

A: Women empowerment from my perspective is the ability of women to be equally responsible as men in the society, getting equal opportunity and ability to work and express.

TNT: Your future plans?

A: I plan to continue my studies. As a student of Chemistry, I want to get into the field of research on this subject. Simultaneously, I plan to make use of every opportunity I get which I feel should be utilized positively.

TNT: Your role model(s)?

A: Oprah Winfrey is my role model. She is my inspiration. I find her amazingly powerful! Here, I would like to quote her, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in to celebrate.” This quote has always inspired me to live my life positively.

TNT: Your hobbies?

A: My interests are dancing, acting, travelling and theatre. I love visiting new places, meeting new people, sharing ideas and gaining knowledge. I enjoy in connecting myself with nature and exploring its beauty. I also indulge myself in reading. It helps me dwell within my life. I like to play badminton and chess during leisure.

TNT: Lines/quote that describes you the best:

A: In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity and that describes me the best.

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