Sikkim: Will make law for 90% local employment in private sector, says CM

Sikkim: Will make law for 90% local employment in private sector, says CM

GANGTOK, May 18, 2018: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling during his tour of 16 constituencies so far – publicly appealed on Thursday the ‘working class, village people and farmers’ to collectively cast their votes for umbrella, the SDF symbol in 2019 Assembly elections.

The Chief Minister was addressing the public of Namthang-Rateypani constituency at Phongla as part of his 32-day ‘Sikkim Jan Sewa, Jan Samman Yatra’.

“There is 10% population in Sikkim who fall into rich and exploiters group. This class always threaten that they will not allow SDF (Sikkim Democratic Front) to come to power. They said this in 1994 and in 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 also. They are merely 10% of the State’s population and when 90% population come together and vote for us, the government of poor people is easily formed. Let us not be divided on caste and religion. Come together as a single class of working people, villagers and organic farmers and cast your vote in favour of umbrella. In coming elections, these exploiters will be beaten to dust,” said Chamling.

During 24 years of SDF govternment, CM Chamling pointing out the rapid development in all sectors in Sikkim said, “We have brought Sikkim up to this level in 24 years. In the next 24 years, Sikkim will be the most developed State in the world…will become like a heaven…we are moving ahead with such aim”.

The Chief Minister shared that the State government is introducing an Act that makes it compulsory for private sector including hotels, factories and shops to have 90% of their employees as Sikkimese people.

“If they do not obey the law, their shops, hotels and factories would be closed down. We will make a very strong law,” he said.

Chamling informed that the bill for 90% local employment in private sector will be tabled in the coming Assembly season, expected to be held in first week of July.

“Now the rich people and owners of factories will go against us and support another political party. That time, the people of Sikkim should come forward to support us,” he said.

In his address, Chamling also vented his anger on the concerned authorities for the delay in disbursement of loans under Chief Minister’s Start-Up Scheme to the applicants. He was also displeased on the failure of the concerned authorities to allot all the 3,000 housing schemes to the needy people.

“We had sanctioned 3,000 houses and so far, allotment orders for 2,100 houses have been given. Nine hundred allotment orders have still not been issued. These should be issued to the beneficiaries within one week,” said Chamling.


He told the people of Namthang-Rateypani constituency about the government decision that prohibits people from collecting or destroying fruits, flowers and edible items from the forest areas. He also shared about the relaxation given by the State government to farmers and villagers to defend their crops and livestock from wild animals.

“You can chase away with stones and sticks those wild animals that come to eat your crops or livestock. If the animal dies in the process, no legal action will be taken. But you cannot enter the forests and hunt the wildlife or you will face action as per law,” he said.

The Chief Minister also spoke about further developmental measures taken by the State government for the people living in rural areas. “We are making a new policy which will allow tender of rural contract works up to Rs. 1 crore at the village-level. The contract work will also be given to the people of the same village where the work is proposed. Let our villagers do these contract works and also develop their villages,” he said.

Chamling accused the opposition parties of dividing the people of Sikkim on the basis of caste and religion. “People hired by political parties from outside the State are also touring villages to spread communal and religious hatred. There are many who want to instigate our people. We have given peace and respect to the people of Sikkim in 24 years of our government. If there is unrest in Sikkim, the people of Sikkim will suffer most,” he said.

The Chief Minister also sanctioned most of the demands placed by the public of Namthang-Rateyani constituency through their area MLA Tilu Gurung and panchayats.

“The first phase works of the demands approved during my tour will be sanctioned and ground works will take place within two months. The departmental officers and engineers will be coming to the villages to survey the project site. I appeal people to accept the land compensation as per old rates,” said Chamling.

Area MLA Tilu Gurung presented the welcome address.

The Chief Minister is touring Barfung constituency tomorrow in South Sikkim. He will be addressing the local public at Rabongla.

Source: The Sikkim Express

Featured image: The Sikkim Express



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