Sikkim artists allege Forest Dept of sidelining their abilities in view of upcoming Organic festival!

Gangtok, January 12: The members of Oviya Art Circle, an organization of painters and artists has alleged of being side linded by the Forest department.

‘There is a creative rennovation going on in Saramsa garden for the upcoming organic festival. But to our surprise the work has been awarded to artists from outside Sikkim. We have nothing to say to the artists but weren’t we capable enough to take up the work’ said the President of the Assocation, Dhiraj Pradhan.

The members also met with the officials in Forest department but the response was cold.

Oviya Art Circle was formed in 2007 to promote art and to work for the welfare of the painters and artists in Sikkim.

The organization presently has over forty five members.

‘ We feel that the artists in Sikkim have been neglected and ignored. People expect us to do paintings for free.We also have our expenses and bills to pay. I feel somehow the artists in Sikkim needs encouragement’ added Dhiraj Pradhan

Oviya Art also took up an initiative to facelift Gangtok during the first Winter Carnival in 2014.

‘ We hope this kind of treatment would not be repeated.We are also looking forward to meet the chief Minister in this regard’ added the members. No contact could be established with the Forest department.

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