Shillong bikers take to the streets campaigning for Toshan

Shillong bikers take to the streets campaigning for Toshan



SHILLONG: Monday morning greeted the people of Shillong with a mix sound of roaring bike engines and chants as members of Motor Sports of Meghalaya made a run throughout the city, shouting one common slogan–‘Vote for Toshan’.

Creating history, Shillong’s own Toshanbor Singh Nongbet managed to carve a niche for himself, the state and the country. It’s not his battle anymore as back home, youth from various backgrounds are shouting his name in unison and their heart yearns out for his victory.

Acknowledging his achievements for confirming his place at the semi-finals of TV reality show, ‘Asia’s Got Talent’, the members of the Motor Sports of Meghalaya are trying to wake people up and appeal for votes to help Toshan win the title because they feel that “His victory is our victory.”

Plying the streets of Shillong with fluttering flags and banners pasted in front of their two wheelers, the rally had the look and feel of a victory run but the only difference was it was a run for vote appeal.

“It’s a gathering to appeal to the public to vote for Toshan as he is the only one from the state and the entire Northeastern region to represent the country in the reality show, Asia’s Got Talent,” motor sports’ enthusiast Eugene Niangti said.

Niangti opined that this competition is unlike any other reality shows as it involves all the countries of Asia. “So we really want him to win and it is about time, people should realise that it is a big achievement not just for him but for the state and the country as a whole,” he said.

Stating that Toshan is a source of inspiration for our youth, Niangti said that as citizens, “We should appreciate his talents and by doing so, we are also encouraging the other talented youth to come forward and expose their talents to the whole world.”

“You can vote for him through SMS by typing AGT 23 to 5499603. The cost of one message is Rs 3. So I appeal that you generously contribute Rs 3 for this talented young man,” he said adding that the voting has already started today (Monday).

Meanwhile, renowned Khasi Philanthropist Honsen Lyngdoh, who initiated this rally has reiterated on the need for uniting as one people to ensure Toshan’s victory.

“If we don’t appreciate his talent, who will?” Lyngdoh asked. “If we want our youth to shine and prosper, the first step is to acknowledge and appreciate their skills and talents then only will we see our youth prospering,” Lyngdoh added.



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