Road connecting Meghalaya to Bengal: External Affairs Ministry seeks Dhaka attention

Road connecting Meghalaya to Bengal: External Affairs Ministry seeks Dhaka attention

TURA, Jul 17: The ministry of external affairs has sought the attention of Bangladesh to further the proposed plan to connect Mahendraganj in South West Garo Hills of Meghalaya to Hili Land Port – Balurghat in West Bengal through Goraghat, Palashbari and Gaibandha in Bangladesh.

As per an official release issued by the Movement Committee for Corridor from Balurghat-Hili to Mahendraganj on Monday, an official communication has been initiated by the ministry of external affairs to the Bangladesh to examine the proposed route.

Sanjay Jain from the ministry of external affairs in its letter dated June 30, 2017 informed the movement committee that they have conveyed the matter to external affairs mission in Dhaka to take up the matter with Bangladesh and examine the feasibility of the proposed route.

The stretch from Mahendraganj via Bangladesh to Bengal will be about 100 km and boost trade and commerce between the two countries.

Furthermore, the movement committee has called upon the people of Northeast to join the movement and mobilize public support to further its mission and vision and to strengthen the spirit of the movement.

They have also asked the people to petition the Government of India to convince the latter  to adopt all possible steps in order to open up the corridor from Mahendraganj (Meghalaya) on and through Bangladesh to Hili (West Bengal) so as to fulfill people’s long standing demands to which everybody’s attention is drawn.

The committee has also taken up the matter with Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee requesting them to take up the matter with the central leadership.

“This is one of the shortest road that can connect North-East with the rest part of India and considering the present activities of China this road i.e. corridor from Mahendraganj to Hili through Bangladesh is of great essence on the ground of defence and security measure of the country”, said Nava Kumar Das, convenor of the movement committee.

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