REVIEW | Hashtag Cafe: # Rendezvous of Friends

REVIEW | Hashtag Cafe: # Rendezvous of Friends

By Raysham Powdel

As Shillong gradually transforms itself into an mini-metro city and as tourists flock the pine city to get a glimpse of its beauty and hospitality, demands for keeping its guests well taken care of, becomes all the more important.

Having realized of importance of providing a space for tourists apart from the local people to rendezvous, many entrepreneurs have come up with innovative ideas to cater to the masses’ demand by setting up cafes (big and small) — A space which is equally important at a time when the world is slowly going digital.

Cafes are considered to be a good place to plan personal events, conferences, screenings, open mic nights and for friends to meet. The Hashtag cafe provides a safe space to chill and hangout for young people with friends and family members.

What is Hashtag?

As we know “hashtag,” (#) is an internet term

According to the owner of this cafe, Vicky Vishal Kharkongor, the word is a metaphor for intra and inters personal relationships which are not always dependent on the virtual world alone. At Hashtag– talk to people, talk to friends make memories talk to us.

The cafe serves coffee, snacks, fresh juice, tea, Chinese and Khasi food, traditional special dishes and other regular items which are quite affordable.

It is an open and friendly space where young people are welcome to hang out with their friends, read books, stare at things through the windows, use technology and yes! The place has free Wi-Fi.

Besides, best part is the food being served and soon the youth who come here will have to serve themselves and the place will become a self- service joint once the customers understand the instruction. This will make them feel at home.

The entire idea of Hashtag was initiated by Vicky, who is the owner of the cafe. He  is the architect behind the project and has designed the place himself. Along with him, came help from his wife, family and some very good old friends. The cafe was launched on September 2, earlier this year and is located above Styler Pyngrope building in Laitmukhrah. The place is open Monday through Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm. So drop by and have a great time!

“Carrying out your own plate ain’t much as I say bigger things are waiting to happen!! And there are many strategic activities planned for the future,” said Vicky.

Photo Credit: Bryan Khongwir






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