POEMS | The Unspoken Goodbye by Mary Magdalene Rynjah

POEMS | The Unspoken Goodbye by Mary Magdalene Rynjah

“The Unspoken Goodbye”

by Mary Magdalene Rynjah

It started just like any other,

You and I, page after page-
One spring till the other winter;

Like birds freed from their wooden cages,
Soaring high for the clouds above.

The time passed by with no regrets-
You, I and the billion stars above;

And just as the cold winds blew by,
I stood there with this cold bitter loneliness.
I was no longer your beautiful DOVE.

Bitter sweet memories stayed cold as ice;

Leaving a bruised flower behind-
Never to be touched again,

Sweet delicate essence; a dangerous vice.

But now I see a clearer picture,
You wanted the stars;
And I, an ordinary creature.
With unspoken rhythm of doubts

And innocent gaze of displeasure-
You said your goodbyes

And walked farther away to find another.

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