POEMS | The True Wisdom by Cheryl Kar

POEMS | The True Wisdom by Cheryl Kar


-By Cheryl Kar


Assertions kept it behind the veils,

stuck in the verisimilitude

a syllogism  of thoughts questioned its existence

sovereign was their approach.

truth became the falsity of wisdom.

but they became victims of acataphasia.

“for who thee trusted fellows?”

the dulcimer hit the chords

hope became a fruit in moiety, cynosure.

A face beneath a face

truculent to the ignorance

blood inept for the human

a lurid secret once foretold, now became a fable

recited by small humans in flesh and bones.

we became obsequitious in our nuance

to penchant fact into fiction

all is but a superfluous taciturn

a wanton vex is the umbrage.


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