POEMS | Red by Merlin Maria

POEMS | Red by Merlin Maria


By Merlin Maria

i am a human,
and red is all i see,
and this red smells blood.
if not,
then what is this,
this red i see.

i’m a human and all i see is red,
when i push myself,
crushing the one behind,
when my empathy is lost in an oasis of lost minds.

i’m a human, and i’m alive with stains on my sleeves.
im a human and i dont see beyond myself.
when i see red, blood is all i feel,
none corrects “love”,
none says “That blood you see is mine. My family of millions, my love, my own.”

i’m a human, and all i feel now,is numb,
a million lives under polished shoes,
a million beneath sugercoated brands.
none to say, “its time i see your pain”
none to see ‘thy kith and kin’ in the blood that flows so profusely.

i’m a human and i see red.
So eager to check if the colour of my lips intact?
shouldn’t red be all the more interesting now?
im a human and all i see in red is blood.

i’m a human and when i see red,
i smell blood.
for millions of my own blood,
die in a battle of mine,
the lose never felt so red.

am i a human?

love, i see you no more.
am i a human?

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