POEMS | Old Man by Ngawang Tenzin

POEMS | Old Man by Ngawang Tenzin

Old Man

By Ngawang Tenzin


Young people laughed aloud
When I walked around
Made me feel sad
May be they are bad
Some offered me their seat
Other just walked away.

Many a time I pant; sometime faint
Five steps of stair are frightful
a stick march in front
reveal arch shape when bent
they wonder when I wander
but I am their reminder.

I had seen all
The stages of life fall
Illusion creates happiness
When everything is emptiness
I had done all the crazy things
Which seems to be interesting

Fat spectacles rest on my Nose
Duo of eyelids fight every night
To read the love letters
No more perfume of Rose
Air some time enter
the room that remain close

Days are warm, short
But long night are dreamless
Bloody children were careless
tongue give up its taste
teeth chew without haste
Senses are saying goodbye

Around the corner lies a coffin
even though I don’t want to go in
but the end is inevitable
may be in peace
I have to leave
so does the young

Death is certain
old and young has no exact turn.

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