POEMS | King of Lies by Gaurav Dorje Lama

POEMS | King of Lies by Gaurav Dorje Lama

 King of lies

by Gaurav Dorje Lama

Eyes as black as coal, only to match the heart.
His action and his words; just two worlds apart.
Stab the heart and smile: that is his thing.
Sitting on a throne of lies, he is the new king!

Two legs in two boats, and firm enough in none.
Losing on both grounds, yet he feels he’s the one!
Too content in his lies, he thinks he’s a brute.
God bless his heart, he can’t be further from the truth.

When the sand castles fall, and when its over and done.
He’ll see he has lost the battle that he’d already won.
A new love he has, with a new song to sing.

Eyes as black as death, and a heart to match.
The scars are searing, too many to patch.
Stab the heart and smile, smiling and flirting.
You will lose your crown, O’ King Nothing!

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