POEMS | A Resolution for Life By Dr Kawal Deep Kour

POEMS | A Resolution for Life By Dr Kawal Deep Kour

Resolution for Life

Dr Kawal Deep Kour

With a beacon of hope as I watch go by

Every fleeting second with a wink of an eye,

The drudgery of existence, the travails of life

It is a hope that shoves me to fight and strive,

The hope is Me, the hope is I.

No past shall hold me, no future shall bind,

For past is history, the future a figment

A moment in present well lived is true,

The moment is Me, the moment is I

A day shall not dawn, no night pass by,

When hope would desert and fear reign high

For I hold a will- to win and smile,

The will is Me, the will is I.

Every moment is a treasure; every day is a prize,

With a mission to dare every moment of life

A promise I made that no tear, shall drop by,

The promise is Me, the promise is I

Miles to tread and journeys to undertake,

What would be accomplished if you feign and fake?

Dare to dream with a mission in life

With power to defeat every whim and vice

The power is Me, the power is I.


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