POEM | Pain & Bitterness — By Preetty Marak

POEM | Pain & Bitterness — By Preetty Marak


  By Preetty Chambugong Marak

From far above the sky, there comes the thunder

Pours down heavily on earth as rain

Is it the tears of pain that showers?

Or is it the anger that grudges.


For the selfish nature, the brutal mind and the corrupted heart,

There will be no shine in the world it screams

Droplets of rain seems painful these days

Is this the end or just the starting phase?


Hailstorm won’t quench its anger,

With bolts of lightning threatening all.

None will survive, none are forgiven

You will suffer, as I slowly fall

You deserve it, bear it says heaven

I will strike until you realize,

I will pour my anger until the battle gets over.

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