OPINION | Is Arunachal forest a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of land? 

OPINION | Is Arunachal forest a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of land? 

~~By Robin Hibu

Endemic aeroplanes and helicopters crashes set me thinking! Is Arunachal forest a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of land?

Another chopper crash in Arunachal ! Hope my thought is wrong about my state Arunachal Pradesh. I feel , our state has become a haunted state …. too many suicides, regular aircraft accidents and passengers dying in the air crashes deep in the jungles of our state.

Even airmen falling down from aeroplane…..its truly scary to think also . How can crack test pilot of Sukhoi and experienced helicopters and pawan hans helicopters can’t even negotiate with daisy weather …siachen and other hilly states are also equally tough and daisy … but why these best pilots can’t survive the erratic weather of Arunachal … something bothering me for long ….

I had received many charred dead bodies coffins at Delhi including pilots, IAS officers, journalists … in Delhi airport, now it is regular air crash news endemically flashing regularly in news . We had lost many leaders including CM, Minsiters, babus of our state in air accidents.

I remembered, seeing too many airplanes parts in the jungle as young EAC in Changlang district….of world war second aircrafts.

Is Arunachal another Bermuda triangle on land – the same as aeroplanes crash at regular intervals happens in the Bermuda Triangle in Atlantic Ocean !

Perhaps deep scientific study is required to study this unnatural phenomenon of aircrafts and helicopters crashing in Arunachal jungles …regularly . Don’t know how many more will die in crash in Arunachal … worried .

Just a scary but reality check thought for Arunachal people ! Don’t you think so ?

(The writer is the first IGP from the NE region to serve as Joint Commissioner in the Rashtrapati Bhavan Secretariat in New Delhi. He is also the ex-nodal officer for people from the Northeast living in Delhi.) 



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