‘One Nation, One Tax’; What’s next – one ‘Religion’? questions Nagaland Congress President

‘One Nation, One Tax’; What’s next – one ‘Religion’? questions Nagaland Congress President

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie, TNT News | DIMAPUR, Nov 18, 2017:

The Nagaland Congress is all set to use the GST tagline – ‘One Nation, One Tax’ as a tool against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the upcoming 2018 elections by terming the ideologies of the saffron party as ‘anti-secularism and concepts that fails to identify the diversity of the Northeast’ and added ‘One Religion’ to its popular tagline – One Nation, One Tax.

“The BJP which is backed by the RSS cannot identify diversity and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no different. His (Modi) ideology is for ‘One nation, one tax, one religion’. He wanted to impose many things in the Northeast which is not in accordance with the indigenous cultures,” President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee Kewekhape Therie told TNT-The Northeast Today.

Stating that the ‘anti-diversity’ ideology of the BJP is a threat to democracy, Therie said that PM Modi has managed to capture many states under his grasp but the Northeast, with its diversified cultures and food habits, has become a bone of contention for him.

“The prime minister doesn’t know anything about Nagaland. He was brought up from the architect school of the RSS,” said the state congress president while claiming that the people of the state including the Church are aggressive against the BJP and corruption.


When asked whether the BJP will manage to succeed in ridding the Northeast off the Congress, Therie said that the saffron party managed to get a hold of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh but “This is a temporary phenomenon. The BJP cannot stay in Northeast for long. It will be wiped out in the next round because we can fit only in a secularism ideology not Hindutva ideology,” he commented.

Meanwhile, the NPCC president stated that the BJP is riding on the ruling party – Naga People’s Front (NPF) and is taking advantage of the political instability and infighting within the party. “Everybody is seeking the blessings of BJP but it will be the end for them,” Therie said adding that the BJP is just waiting for the right moment to expose its true colours to the Naga people.

With solution to the political infighting within the NPF still a far cry, Therie said that it is likely for the Election Commission of India to freeze the NPF’s Rooster symbol at the right moment causing imbalance and chaos for the party.

“The BJP will support freezing the Rooster symbol because it is what the party had always wanted and it is sad to say that the NPF has fallen into the BJP’s trap and they won’t be able to come out of it,” he said.

He also maintained that the two factions of the NPF were given two months to resolve their differences and the General Convention this November will likely end up without any solution prompting the ECI to consider the case after December 18 and the matter will only be resolved by January. “By that time, it will be too late, people will become restless and that is what the BJP wanted,” he said.


The beleaguered Congress has expressed confident of coming to power in Nagaland stating that no other party can form the government next year except the Congress. “We have about 27 percent of votes right now and I am very hopeful that at least the party will be able to retain that percentage,” Therie said.

Expressing confident that the percentage might increase in favour of the Congress, Therie said “I am hopeful there will be a shift in that percentage with the active participation of the Church and people’s cry against incumbency. We can climb up to 37-40 percent and the other votes will be shared by BJP, NPF, NDPP, NPP, and APP… For them, I still consider NPF as strongest force against the congress because they have establishment in the villages.”

“We will field candidates in all the 60 constituencies and we expect the party to do well in the upcoming election because the tides are changing and a change in governance is the need of the hour in Nagaland,” said Therie.

Meanwhile, the state Congress has exuded confident of doing well in the upcoming 2018 elections in all the three poll-bound states of Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland. “Everything has collapsed,  infrastructure in Nagaland is going for a toss so why should people vote for the same government. Electing the same government would mean destruction for Nagaland’s future,” Therie said.


Apart from Nagaland, the demand for change is also doing its round in Meghalaya and Tripura with each political party expressing confidence and assuring the public of bringing about change. In Meghalaya, the anti-congress parties are determined to overthrow the congress regime. In Tripura, the anti-Left parties are working hard to rid the state off the CPI (M) regime while in Nagaland, the political parties are counting on the NPF’s ‘supposed failure’ in governance claiming that the NPF political imbroglio will be the end of the regional party in the state.


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