On Mother’s Day, this Assam author attempts to take us on a journey to Motherhood!

On Mother’s Day, this Assam author attempts to take us on a journey to Motherhood!

By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR | May 13, 2018

EMOTIONS AND ELATION – A book by Banani Das Dhar

They say that “God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers”, but have we ever given a thought about what a ‘would-be’ mother goes through before transforming herself into a creation second only to God? The emotions and elations of not only a mother but also a ‘soon-to-be’ father is what the book ‘Emotions and Elation’ is about.

Written by Assam origin author who now calls Bangalore her home, Banani Das Dhar takes the readers on an adventurous roller-coaster ride when she and her husband learns that they were pregnant. With the joyous news began the celebration of love and prosperity.  A new bond developed between the couple which they cherished all throughout the journey. Having said that, those nine months were not as smooth as silk but were a mix of emotions, grief and deprivation.

The story embarks the outbreak of Banani’s pregnancy followed by sharing the news with their extended family. The couple’s happiness during the routine checkups is inexplicable as they get to know the development of their baby with each passing week. The hormonal challenges almost take Banani in its lap. However, the duo chooses to forget the pains and wait eagerly for their Ultrasound tests. The glance of that tiny being makes them smile. Amidst their happiness, Subhashish’s father departs and the whole family becomes grief stricken. Unfortunately, Banani is unable to attend the funeral rites and has to stay back alone in Bangalore. The separation makes the days tougher for both. After a long wait of almost a month, Subhashish is back home.

And despite suffering the trauma of his father’s loss, Subhashish tries his best to be a loving husband while preparing himself to be a good father. The long walks, midnight talks,  food cravings,  late night movies  cherishing their childhood memories add to strengthening their bond.

Amidst the emotional roller coaster, Banani tries her level best to emotionally support her husband. As months pass, the corporate life takes a toll on Subhashish. Distance grew and they could seldom talk and spend time with each other. Weekends were their only hope in despair.

But the Babymoon’ changed it all for them and the duo fell in love all over again again. The Babymoon was a complete leisure travel.As the days passed, Banani went through numerous physical and mental challenges and the countdown for the big day began.

Will all the emotional mix of feelings bear their fruits? Will dreams come true for Banani and Subhashish? Will this bundle of joy make them forget all they went through? Hop in with Banani and Subhashish on their emotional ride, one that touched every nerve of their being- A joy that has to be experienced to be believed. Welcome to their world!

Author: Banani Das Dhar

Book: Emotions and Elation

No. of pages: 100 approx

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

MRP: INR 225/-

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