Of outraged modesty and compromised law- A letter to the ‘Moral Police’!

Of outraged modesty and compromised law- A letter to the ‘Moral Police’!


Date: April 12, 2018


Te Editor

Respected Sir/Madam

With reference to the news published on 20.02.2018 about the crimes against women in Assam, I would like to draw your attention towards the present pathetic scenario of woman in the region of Assam. The status of woman seems to have been compromised everyday. Every campaign aimed at protecting the rights and status of women seems to be falling into deaf ears.

With violence against woman taking its toll, can we say that the existence of women and children have become endangered?

Let us look at the data to prove this point- At least 3,009 rape cases and 17,106 cases of violence against women have been registered since 2016. Official figures reveal that against the 3,009 rape cases reported, only 1,786 persons have been arrested and charge-sheets issued against 1,697. However, only 76 have been convicted so far. Besides, 8,771 incidents of violence against women were registered in 2016-17. The figure went down slightly to 8,335 from January, 2017 to January, 2018. A total of 4,794 women were abducted between 2016-17 and 4,314 last year. The NCRB ranks Assam as the worst state in Northeast India in terms of crime against women.

If these kinds of cases were taking place since 2016, the question needs to be asked as to did did the authority not look into the matter on a priority basis? What can be the reason of such negligence?

The rape and murder of a 5-yr-old last month, the assault of a woman by so called ‘moral police’ vigilantes of the society – where are these moral police when a child of 11-yr-old is being raped? Where were you when a woman was being assaulted because she went around with her guy friend?

Well, to all you protectors of morality, kindly go and read some lessons from a higher secondary Moral Science book just in case you have not! And to all the law enforcers of Assam, I hope you do not wait long enough until your mothers, sisters or close ones meet the same fate!

Yours faithfully,

Preetty Chambugong Marak

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