November Births are linked to serial killers

November Births are linked to serial killers

People born in November most likely to be serial killers and schizophrenics or at least this what researchers in UK would like to believe .

Research suggests many of the differences are linked to a mother’s exposure to sunlight in pregnancy. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D in the body and lack of this in the first months of life may have long-lasting effects.

Speaking earlier this year Russell Foster, an Oxford University neuroscientist, said: ‘These are small effects but they are very, very clear. I am not giving voice to astrology it’s nonsense but we are not immune to seasonal interference.

The Month November there is a strong likelihood of the person being a serial killer the studies seem to have discovered.

It may be mentioned that Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were two of the most notorious serial killers and they were born in November.



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