Northeast people in big cities become latest victims of fraud; Consider before availing loan!

NEW DELHI, April 20: Moving to the big cities to pursue your dreams might seem to be a good and wise move provided you are financially stable, otherwise you will end like many gullible Northeast people i..e, victims of fraud.

Many fraudulent cases have been brought to the notice of the police and as per analysis, it was revealed that these crime are usually targeted gullible NE people – Advance money for money loan.

According to police sources, many complaints NE people depositing advance money for money loans etc has become serious problems. It seems gangs have emerged in connivance with NE middlemen,  otherwise how can they (criminals) know the mobile numbers of NE desperados looking for loan either for petty business or education loan etc.

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In one such case, a woman from Manipur was cheated of Rs 20000 by unknown groups in Delhi who contacted her regarding a possible loan. Without proper verification, she paid the money so that they can sanction the loan.

There are many such incidents wherein people from Northeast becomes easy target for criminals who look out for easy and quick money.

A lesson to be learn, be alert NE people, so that it doesn’t become an epidemic like recent NE females (thousand) falling for foreigners, facebook lovers and depositing huge money for stranded gifts at Airports.

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