Northeast India’s 1st Urdu writer Rohan Gogoi is creating waves through his Urdu Poems!

Northeast India’s 1st Urdu writer Rohan Gogoi is creating waves through his Urdu Poems!


Meet Rohan Gogoi – the Pune-based multi-lingual Corporate Communicator, who debuted as an author in 2012 with the launch of his much talked-about English novel, ‘Chasing Maya’. While the popularity of ‘Chasing Maya’ lingered on and Rohan went on to write his second English novel; one fine day, he suddenly discovered his latent love for the Urdu language. In fact, he was working on a specific character for his new novel, who happened to be an ardent follower of Urdu poetry. Rohan wanted that character to sound reasonably authentic and felt compelled to infuse words and phrases of Urdu into his lines.

“I couldn’t read Urdu, but fortunately, many of the immortal works of poetry in that exquisite language were widely available in the Devnagari script… And then, YouTube videos on the masterpieces of celebrated modern Urdu poets in the likes of Kaifi Azmi, Sahir Ludhianvi, Nida Fazli and Gulzar came in as another huge blessing.” Rohan confesses.

Interestingly, Rohan is a first generation Hindi speaker, and arguably, the first published Hindi-Urdu poet hailing from the northeastern part of India.

“I am not a conventional Hindi / Urdu poet,” says Rohan, who often expresses astonishment at how far his tryst with Urdu poetry has brought him. Evidently, the passion persists; as we see Rohan coming up with a full-fledged Hindi-Urdu poetry collection – “Rahgeer-e-Rehguzar”, which is being published by Pune-based Western India Imprints and is scheduled for release in January 2018. With 40 poems, sketching a cross sectional portrait of a range of deep and dark facets of life, “Raahgeer-e-Rehguzar” is his first literary endeavour in Hindi / Urdu.

Rohan, the versatile wordsmith, speaks several Indian languages including Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali and writes lyrical poetry in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and his native Assamese. Though writing English novels is his first love, he sounds rather emotional about his Urdu writings. He would often hold his book of shayaris close to his chest and say, “I will certainly want to continue writing my novels in English but Urdu poetry has now become an inseparable part of my life. Writing in Urdu has such a healing effect on you. It doesn’t just give you solace; it exposes you to the rare feeling of falling in love with oneself!”

 Rohan was born in the diminutive yet locally prominent and culturally vibrant town of Nagaon in the north-eastern part of India Having completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalayas in 1996, Rohan went to Fergusson College, Pune, to study Economics and spent his formative years travelling around the world, meeting people and appreciating cultures. A post graduate in Management by qualification, his fondness for English writing and creative expression encouraged him to opt for a career in Corporate Communications. Rohan currently works for a leading multinational corporation as the head of Communications for India and Southeast Asia. He lives in Pune with his wife Rajeshwari and twin sons – Aahan and Abeer.

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