Northeast Indians voice for safety amidst Mass molestation, Rape and Eve teasing!

Northeast Indians voice for safety amidst Mass molestation, Rape and Eve teasing!

While we waited with great excitement and renewed hopes for the New Year, 2017 began on a very bad note, not only for Bengaluru due to the mass molestation cases but also for Northeast Indian states. The recent cases of rape and abduction of minors in Meghalaya have angered many people in and around state and also tainted the image of Northeast India being a safe destination. Meghalaya started 2017 on a very bad note with cases of crime against women shooting up the crime chart, minors being soft targets.

Earlier on Christmas Eve, in Garo Hills, two cases of rape were reported, one in Chokdengre near Tikrikilla and another close to Tura where three minors were gang raped by a group of four men after being abducted. Another case of a specially-abled child kidnapped by three men before being abandoned has also left a very bitter taste to the start of the New Year in Garo Hills.In another case in Williamnagar, a minor boy raped a two-year-old when her parents left her in his care. In Kharkutta, a father raped his step daughter before turning his sight towards his 5 year old daughter. In the other case, a father raped his minor daughter. Disturbingly in both cases, clan members attempted to compromise the case angering most that came to know of the rape.

At the backdrop of all these cases, TNT-The Northeast Today asked people to speak up on the issue and this is what they have to say on this:

“It doesn’t really matter whether it is Bengaluru or any other city of India. India today is ranked as the fourth most dangerous country in the world for the female child. This is not because girls with short skirt or jeans provoke their male counterparts but because women in our male-dominated society is regarded as inferior and a mere object of pleasure. Due to this stereotypical thinking, she is not always respected and considered a liability and a commodity and hence molested or abused or even raped whenever desired, whether it is a five years old girl or a woman clad in short skirt or jeans or salwar-kameez or even saree. The whole of India, today is unsafe for females.” Indrani Medhi (Resident of Bengaluru) hailing from Assam added.

“I am not taking any political stance, but people like Julius Dorphang and many politicians at large use their free time to lure girls, especially minors for their pleasure. It is important to choose the right people for the betterment of society. Julius should have been tackled a long time before him entering into the political domain. People chose the wrong person to represent them from Mawhati and now he has shamed everybody”- Lawrence Kharkongor, writer based in Meghalaya

“It is a shame that despite 70 years of attaining Independence, Indian women are still insecure and cannot roam freely even in day time, leave alone at night. Moreover, the recent cases of abduction and rape of minor girls from Meghalaya show the mindset of these perverted men. Free access to internet lead them to watch certain explicit elements and their inability to take them into themselves lead them to committing such shameful and heinous acts on minors, who do not even know good from bad. I am ashamed and utterly helpless too”- Richa Haokip, Manipur

“After the most horrifying part of the incident,I don’t see anymore a safest place.I was so shocked that it happened in Bangalore.It’s truly a shameful act. I lived in bangalore for many years I was kind of relieved that I am in a safer place of India. We can’t call them as humans rather a beasts. So,it’s time to get into a reality check. Some Indian men, who see girls as prey need to teach them a lesson and not leave them unless they are punished. You cannot judge women by their clothes , respect a woman . And I would say every woman should be fearless and need to learn self defence as even sometimes even in the crowd nobody comes to help if you are being touched or you ask for help. Reflection is always important, more than anger or outrage, to arrive at solutions.  Why hasn’t it not changed anything yet. It’s time to change and fight against it and put a stop to it. At last, it must also be noted that it is important to save our boys, not only girls, because only if we save our boys and impart proper guidance to them that our girls will be safe.” – Omi Das, Assam.

TNT News with inputs from Ritu Raj Boruah