Northeast Indians envision a better and safer NE this 2017!

Northeast Indians envision a better and safer NE this 2017!

As the New Year sets in, hopes and aspirations run high as people look forward to a better and prosperous start. That has always been the top resolutions in everybody minds. Similarly, the health and growth of the region also seems to strike a chord even as citizens’ wishes to see a peaceful and developing region especially at a time like these when insurgency is causing so much of a headache for many northeastern states and law and order deterioration seems to be the order of the day.

As we gauged at the pros and cons of 2016, let’s not forget the incidents which rocked the region. In the political front, the region witnessed a lot of instability in governance especially in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. However, when we take a look at Assam, it was however, quite the opposite as politics in the state experienced a 360 degree turn when BJP defeated the mighty Congress during the 2016 assembly polls marking an end of an era for Congress in Assam. In other states, it was more or less the same, with glitches here and there.

Looking at the law and order situation in the region, 2016 was a year to remember for Manipur as one after the other untoward incidents keep on disturbing peace in the state. First was the attack on Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh, the creation of 7 new districts and the aftermath of the decision which dragged Manipur into a standstill. Meghalaya on the other hand witnessed a supposed dwindling strength of the banned militant outfit, GNLA.

In other sectors like education, infrastructure, health, tourism and the like, the northeastern states had so much to offer and to regret.  But that is in the past, what people are looking forward to now is of course, better everything.

Looking forward to a brighter start of a new year, people from cross section of the society have expressed their desire to see a better, peaceful and developing Northeast.

TNT-The Northeast Today spoke to some persons on their expectations and contributions to help promote the Northeast and improve its fiscal and infrastructural health.

    Bijou Bijou Thaangjam from Manipur: 

Every New Year I see people saying things about the previous year, how good or bad the year was to them. But it would be really great if they start asking what did they do different that year? As Albert Einstein defined Insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is so apt for us. We the people of Northeast have been always and is in the whirlpool of political and social crisis. We got so used to blaming the external factors rather than looking deep within ourselves. We as a society failed here. So, this New Year 2017, I HOPE we become more responsible and forgiving to others and accepting our own mistakes and faults. This small change can make a greater impact in our current situation.

daniel   Daniel Syiem from Meghalaya:

As far as the North East is concerned and as one who is in the Fashion industry, I would hope that the industry will flourish more and paving way to emerging designers who would contribute towards expanding the market also keeping in mind the ethical side to fashion and keeping their roots grounded and making sure that we are at par with the rest of the country and the world.

avi  Avinibesh Sharma from Assam:

Firstly, the establishment of Public Information centres especially in culturally and historically significant places. Knowledge about a city or locality is limited to books. If such centres are set up, it will generate more awareness and democratize cultural and historical knowledge. The visual medium is extremely important in this regard. Secondly, the websites specializing in e-culture and heritage have a big role to play. The administrators should make efforts in making them accessible to the public especially the people living in towns and villages. A good content is not enough, it has to be disseminated.

ango Ansun Hage Kago from Arunachal Pradesh:

The rest of our India is busy in demonetization and politics, but I being mom really want our northeastern kids to be safe in the rest of India. Every now and then, we get to hear bad news, although we don’t know if it’s the right information or not. This year I want and pray that each and every kid to stay safe because they are our future.

gil   Gilbert Zosangliana from Mizoram:

Northeast India is bogged down by lack of connectivity. So what I want Northeast to have this year is better connectivity in terms of road & by air.

nirmal   Nirmal Mangar from Sikkim:

My New Year is to not have any resolution. Every day of 2017 would be a resolution for me to achieve my goals and contribute back to the society. I want to see North East prosper in every sense and retain its diverse culture, tradition and ethnicity.

pra   Prashanta Karmakar from Tripura:

I so wish to see our Northeast dressed decently which means better roads, transport system, medical facilities. I also wanted to raise this point that no are scope of employment in the region, and government jobs are on limited release, so if more opportunities comes up, I don’t think people from the northeast will need to go outside the region to earn their livelihood.

There they go! Their aspirations to see Northeast reaches new heights is worth listening to but what is left to be seen now is whether these aspirations will see the light of the day ….

 By Ibankyntiew Mawrie




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