North East Riders’ Domain: On super-bikes, Shillong’s serpentine roads and ‘Gear Up 2018’

North East Riders’ Domain: On super-bikes, Shillong’s serpentine roads and ‘Gear Up 2018’


By Rachel Syiemlieh

While the picture of a super-biking group riding across a long open road wouldn’t strike our parents as the safest and friendliest of situations, the members of North East Riders’ Domain, popularly known as NERD, take their love of super-bikes across the north-eastern region without skimping on road safety tools and measures. The Northeast Today sits down with co-founder Sashank Sharma to discuss their collaboration with international brands like Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, etc, choosing responsibility over hooliganism and their upcoming event called Gear Up 2018.

TNT: Tell us about the origin of North-East Riders’ Domain (NERD). When did the journey begin?

NERD: NERD was the brainchild of a handful of riders from Assam and Meghalaya. We started this as a small super-biking group back in 2015.


TNT: What inspired you guys to start such an initiative?

NERD: I have personally been riding with famous super-biking groups all over India like GODS (Delhi), BOSS (Delhi) etc but I always had a dream to be a part of one in my native region. A few friends of mine apparently shared the same dream. Hence, we finally decided to put it together as NERD (North East Riders Domain).

TNT: What was the initial goal you wanted to achieve with NERD?

NERD: Initially, we wanted to form a brotherhood of selected riders and promote safe riding and awareness among fellow riders.

TNT: How many people is NERD comprised of? Are the members exclusively from the North-east?

NERD: We have around 60 members in our group comprising of riders mainly from Assam and Meghalaya and even from Sikkim.


TNT: More than 23,000 people follow you guys on Facebook alone. How does that feel? How has the general reception been online and off-line?

NERD: We feel overwhelmed with the love and affection people have shown towards us and we really look forward to deliver according to everyone’s expectations.

TNT: A new year means a new motor-bike that is faster, lighter and sharper than the previous one. With events like biking rallies and motorcycle races inspiring young enthusiasts to replicate what they see on city streets, where does road safety factor in NERD’s operations?

NERD: Road safety and awareness has always been the key priority of our group. We want to show the new generation that in spite of having the fastest and the most upgraded machines, one can still go at a moderate pace, abide by rules and not chose hooliganism over responsible riding.

TNT: One such event is the three-day Gear Up 2018 all set to begin on the 18th of May. Can you tell us about it? What do we have to look forward to at the event?

NERD: Gear Up 2018 is a first-of-its-kind event that the Northeast has ever seen. We have collaborated with international brands like BMW Motorrad, Triumph Motorcyles, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson Motorcycles and even the very exotic American legend Indian Motorcycles. The concept here is to show the companies what kind of market potential the NorthEast has and to urge buyers to come ahead and trust these companies with their service.


TNT: Why was Shillong the choice for the event venue? What does it offer to bike enthusiasts that other cities don’t?

NERD: Shillong has always been regarded as a biker’s paradise all over the nation. The serpentine roads from Guwahati to Shillong with the cool weather provide the perfect environment for riders to enjoy their cruise. Also the Govt. Of Meghalaya has really been helpful to us in organising this event.

TNT: Do you have any messages to share with fellow bike enthusiasts?

NERD: We don’t have much to say. We just wanna thank everyone for supporting us and we want to advise everyone to ride responsibly. And yeah, please do attend the event to see all of NERD lineup with some other super-bikes as well.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation. Good luck on the event!




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