NEIGRIHMS to hold its annual college fest from September 11 to 15

NEIGRIHMS to hold its annual college fest from September 11 to 15

You gotta live for a week!

Zoom in on your google map a bit. You might have to dive through the abode of clouds. Yeah! there. on the outskirts of Shillong, down those winding roads, past a vast stretch of woods, on a hillock, there, is our NEIGRIHMS.

It’s a central hospital cum Medical and Nursing College. And something very special happens here every year. Our annual college fest, Euphoria.

Anticipation starts bubbling up from vast volumes of medicine textbooks from the month of May; It floats around during lessons fogging everything; and then it leaks out of the walls into the streets until people get a whiff of it.

And then this anticipation transforms into sheer excitement. Events are planned, sponsors approached and invitations sent to colleges all over Shillong and outside too. Its not only a college fest for the students and faculty members of NEIGRIHMS, its a festival to celebrate the youth of Shillong and the rest of North East.

Sports, cultural and literary events are held to bring forth the talents and potential of the young people into the limelight. It provides a fresh platform for the youth whose aspirations otherwise struggle to thrive under the burden of grueling, monotonous routines. It gives us a chance to put down our cellphones for once and groove and sway to the unique rhythm of Euphoria.

Euphoria sparks alive in the month of June when we start our sports. Football, cricket, basketball, badminton…just name it. We play it all here. And every year new sports are being introduced. What makes it more exciting is that NEIGRIHMS is blessed with its own stadium where the South Asian Games of 2016 was held. To compensate for our heavy study routines, sports stretches till the first week of September.

Along comes the much awaited ‘week of Euphoria’. Students pour in from entire Shillong and other parts of North East for participation in cultural and literary events. Participation has been growing in the past few years, thanks to spread of the word and increasing number of sponsors!

Literary events are held to spur up lazy afternoons and cultural events bring on the festive mood in the evening. They don’t only sit down and write in literary, but also unleash their inner geeks in gaming and go out all pirate mode for treasure hunts.

In cultural, your heart rate will go up like never before as people show their crazy sides with their awesome  talent in dancing and singing. then comes the revered rock show of NEIGRIHMS , Battle of Bands.

Bands from all over NE swarm in to charge up the night and summon up thunder on the last day of Euphoria. The only melody that people know and breathe that night is rock and metal. Its the coolest and most beautiful thing to wrap up Euphoria with, where you’ll see everyone lift up their hands and sway in unison and utter silent goodbyes to a week that is lived to the fullest.

Hope to see you all in Euphoria. You live only once, you live only for a week.

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(This article is written by Stuti Das, a 5th semester MBBS student at NEIGRIHMS , Shillong)




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