NCP show of strength in Garo Hills; Patel hits out at Mukul over corruption, underdevelopment

NCP show of strength in Garo Hills; Patel hits out at Mukul over corruption, underdevelopment

By Our Correspondent | Tura, Jan 17, 2018:

The Nationalist Congress Party  (NCP) on Wednesday threw tantrums at the Congress-led government in Meghalaya for its ‘failure’ to ensure development in the state of Meghalaya while maintaining that if a situation arises on the need to forge an alliance, the party would look for regional parties over national parties.

Addressing a public Rally at Tura on Wednesday, NCP national general secretary lambasted the Congress government over its failure stating that the road are in bad shape in different parts of Garo Hills be it Baghmara, Phulbari or Tikrikilla.

“People had given their mandate to the Congress party but they have failed to develop the state. We have to search for a road as we are confused as to whether there was a road or not,” said Patel to the crowd.

The NCP GS attacked the MHIS scheme of the state government saying that ground reality of the MHIS was different to what it appeared on paper. The ambitious Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS), which promises insurance cover of Rs. 2.80 lakh for each family.

“In paper the scheme looks glossy and very big in its name but in reality there is poor implementation of the scheme and people have hardly received its benefit,” added Patel.

He said that government should improve the health infrastructure and make medical aid available to the people but the government has fooled the people.

“The problems of people are at its peak but political parties came with their tall promises for development only during elections. For the past five years, the government was busy in corruption and now ahead of election all kinds of promises are being made. As if in a day or two things will change,” he stated.

He said that political parties will make all attempts to instill hope and keep their voters happy with food and other facilities but after the election they will disappear and people will be forced to live in darkness.

“We should not get lured by parties who will keep us happy for two days and lead us astray”, Patel added.

Speaking to the media after the rally, Patel said, “People are disillusioned with the Congress. There is lack of development and corruption in the implementation of various welfare programmes. People want change and NCP will be a formidable force to form the next government given the situation where people are not happy with BJP as they pose a threat on the cultural identity of the people of the state.”

According to the NCP GS, the NPP appeared weak after the demise of its founder, PA Sangma and felt their leaders would not be able to revive the party. He also added that the BJP has not shown any respect to NPP at the centre.

“If there is a situation where we have to partner with any other parties, we would look for regional and secular parties.”

However, when asked if they are willing to forge ties with Congress or NPP, Patel said the decision would be taken at the appropriate time.

The party, according to Patel has finalized 8 candidates for the upcoming elections with the names likely to be announced soon. He also informed that sitting legislator from South Tura. John Leslee K. Sangma would also contest election from NCP ticket, apart from sitting legislator of Gambegre, Saleng Sangma, who recently joined the party and was elevated to the post of state president.




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