Nagaland Zoological Park gets 6 Australian Emu

Nagaland Zoological Park gets 6 Australian Emu

KOHIMA, January 14, 2018: The Nagaland Zoological Park (NZP) has received two adult Australian Emu and four chicks from Guwahati today.

In a press release NZP Director Obed Bohovi Swu informed that the Nagaland Zoological Park has achieved another milestone as it has brought Australian Emu to join the captive wildlife family in the zoo.

NZP informed that tall and majestic, the Emu belongs to a group of flightless running birds, known as Ratite, the most primitive of modern bird families.It is the second largest bird after ostrich.

Further, NZP informed that the birds would be kept for display to the visitors after necessary quarantine period, the release said.


Featured image(courtesy): Wikipedia



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