Nagaland Polls 2018 – a contest between Naga and external forces: Dr Shurho

Nagaland Polls 2018 – a contest between Naga and external forces: Dr Shurho

From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Kohima, Feb 12, 2018: 

Veteran Regionalist and President of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu today said that the 2018 General Election is not just a contest between the political parties for the formation of government, but it will be a contest between outside forces and the force of the Naga people

Asking people to wake up and smell the danger, Dr Shurho warned the Nagas of the sufferings the people will endure in future and the negative impact on their identity if the threat — external forces is not dealt with. “A day would come when the whole Naga people shall suffer and our identity might perish if we do not realize what force is penetrating into our land,” Dr Shürhozelie said.

“The 2018 election is so much unlike the other elections, and that it is a selection between the destruction or preservation of the Naga people and their identity,” he added.

Addressing a gathering at an election rally for NPF Candidate Ar. Loguseng Semp (Logus) at Tseminyu town, Dr. Shürhozelie stated that many tall Naga leaders succumbing to power and money would soon land the Naga people into great trouble if they are voted to power.

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He also admitted that in 15-year rule of NPF government, many achievements have taken place but the 12th house saw the greatest crisis in the history of Nagaland government and this crisis had developed due to some corrupt and power-mongering leaders.

However, he maintained that many of these leaders were dropped from the NPF party and were denied party tickets and informed that out of 48 NPF MLAs, only 17 were allotted party tickets and added that as promised, the NPF have fielded fresh, capable and winnable leaders who have concern for the uplift of the Naga people.

Dr. Shürhozelie also reminded the Naga people that during elections, many political parties come up with “tall promises in their manifestos just to lure the voters but the NPF party manifesto is written on a pragmatic way which is achievable and is purely for the development of the people and the state.”

The NPF President also told the gathering that the regional party NPF which was formed in the year 1964 is “not only a political party but it represents the identity of the Naga people, so why give our future to other political parties which will be destructive to our identity and the society.”

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He also said that the newly-floated Nationalist Democratic People’s Party (NDPP) is yet to be recognized by the Election Commission of India and the other political parties joining the poll battle were all National parties.

Furthermore, he questioned the stance of the other parties as to whether they belong to the Naga people or whether they can really work the Naga people, and asked every individual to use their wisdom and decide accordingly in the coming election.

He urged the Rengma community to wisely elect their candidate in favour of Logus, an NPF candidate and expressed hope that NPF will form the next government and that Logus would be in the new government.

The NPF candidate, Logus during his speech expressed his gratitude to the party rank and file for allotting the NPF party ticket to him while further pointing out that he had joined the NPF party because “the NPF party aims and objectives represent the Naga identity and uplift of the Naga society” and assured to work for the people if elected.

During the election rally, the working president of the Central women wing, Ms Khriezobeinuo Sanchu and Pele Khezhie also spoke on the occasion.




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