Nagaland: ‘Parties working hard to find amicable solution to Naga Accord’, says Neiphiu Rio

Nagaland: ‘Parties working hard to find amicable solution to Naga Accord’, says Neiphiu Rio

SHILLONG | March 06, 2018

NDPP part leader Neiphiu Rio on Tuesday said that the negotiating parties are working hard to reach to a solution to the Naga peace Accord and said that it was unfortunate that the Naga Pact could not see a solution before the elections as desired by the people.

” The negotiating parties are working hard and the people wanted the solutions before the elections which unfortunately did not happen,” said Rio while talking to newsmen on the sidelines of the swearing in ceremony of the MDA government in Meghalaya on Tuesday.

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“We are working hard and trying to facilitate and push up the negotiation,” Rio added.

On the interstate boundary dispute with Assam, Rio said, “Court cannot settle the land dispute between neighboring villages and it has to be settled on people to people basis and amicably in a mature way”.

He further added, “Be it the Supreme court decision or any court decision, if the people on the ground do not accept, it cannot function”.

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Talking about the next government formation in Meghalaya, Rio said, “In the last three elections we had alliance with the BJP. I was the leader and I won, this time around when I left for parliament the government became very unstable and there was no good governance, so I came back and joined a new party and campaigned and got back with majority now we are going to form the next government”.

It maybe mentioned that Nagaland Governor PB Acharya had granted 48 hour period to Neiphiu Rio and TR Zeliang to prove their majority in forming the government. However after BJP severed its 15-yr-long ties with NPF yesterday, Zeliang had to tender his resignation paving way for Rio to be the next Chief Minister of Nagaland.



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