Nagaland: Body cameras for Dimapur police on patrol

Nagaland: Body cameras for Dimapur police on patrol

DIMAPUR, April 7, 2018: At least one member of patrolling parties in Dimapur has to wear body cameras while on patrol duty with immediate effect, the Nagaland State DGP Rupin Sharma has the Dimapur Police.

The directive, among other measures, was adopted after the DGP conducted a review of the law and order situation in Dimapur at the Commissioner of Police office on April 5.

Further, the DGP also directed that mobile vehicle patrols and Quick Response Teams (QRTs) be fitted with car dash cameras by April 9. In addition, more CCTV cameras are to be installed in Dimapur in the coming days.

It was informed that similar measures will be put in place in Kohima as well by next week. These measures, according to a posting on the official Facebook page of the Nagaland DGP, been initiated to ensure an environment which is safer and more secure for citizens and residents of Dimapur.

Source: The Morung Express

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