Nagaland: Abducted truckers released unharmed

Nagaland: Abducted truckers released unharmed

DIMAPUR, May 4, 2018: Truckers Tula Ram Bura Gohain and Adman Surin were released on May 3 bringing an end to the 10 day abduction saga. Gohain, an oil tanker driver and his helper Surin, went missing enroute Tuensang town on April 22 near New Helipong village in Tuensang district.

The release reportedly occurred at an undisclosed location somewhere along the borders of Mon-Tuensang districts at an area falling under Tobu sub-division on Thursday morning.

The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO), who secured the release, issued a press statement describing the rescue as a “concerted effort of the Tuensang district administration, police, security, tribal bodies and frontal organizations under ENPO.”

According to the ENPO, it mediated after the Tuensang district administration requested their intervention, considering the 48 hours deadline given by various unions to ensure safe release of the duo and subsequent expiry of the set deadline. It did not disclose where the release took place and who handed over the two truckers to them.


It only stated, “the people concerned have honored the ENPO 18th December 2007 Tuensang Summit Resolution where it was resolved that, there should be no threat, intimidation, bloodshed or any form of violence within ENPO jurisdiction… which was jointly resolved by the ENPO public and members of Eastern Nagaland National Workers from all groups.” Further, neither the Tuensang nor the Mon district administrations could comment on how and where the release occurred.

“The Tuensang administration will be in a better position to comment as to where the hostages were released this morning,” said a Mon police official. The reports were that the truckers were held hostage in the jurisdiction of Mon, “But we have not been able to ascertain that,” the official added.

The Tuensang police said the abduction occurred in Tuensang jurisdiction but maintained the release occurred under Mon district jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the lone petrol pump in Tuensang town closed since April 23 would reopen on May 5. It was informed that it can resume business only after supply tankers arrive at the district headquarters.

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Source: The Morung Express



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