ML 05 Cafe serving a shared love for cars and food

ML 05 Cafe serving a shared love for cars and food

Concept: an understanding retained in the mind from experience, reasoning and imagination.

Using concepts in various fields of life is the trend these days. Be it in books, art, music, fashion and so on…concept cafes are not a new dimension to other parts of the world, however definitely new to Shillong. This gap in trend is what ML 05 cafe offers. A concept based on “being on the road, travel and experiences you have on the journey”.  A tribute to Shillong’s love of cars and everything automotive by focusing on the number plate of the district – ML 05.


Situated on the outskirts of the city at Upper Shillong, one is guided to the cafe by colorful signs and flags on the main road, which leads through a small area of high trees which eventually turns towards the cafe located next to a lotus pond. The tress are not pine, the pond has lotus blossoming – definitely makes you feel you are some place different!

Love for driving and automobiles are something which the entire town and residents of Shillong share. ML 05 states “the love for cars is obvious if one observes how many modifications and accessories are seen even on the smallest of cars and taxis around Shillong, bikers and their biking groups are seen frequently in upper Shillong…so we zeroed in on a cafe which celebrates something which ties us together and also gives visitors an insight into what Shillong is about.”


Situated on the top floor, do notice the skid marks on the stairs up leading you the way to the cafe. Out on the porch are number plates hanging to give one the feel of a garage and on the entrance a door handle which is a steering wheel. Once inside you are in for a visual creative treat.


A spacious place with different sections which is unique in its own way. Detail to the concept fit well with the creative brain and CEO Devals Tibrwalla’s personal love for automobiles and driving. He is enthusiastic about motorsports and has competed in the world’s highest car rally, raid de Himalaya twice. It is he who gives life to the broad vision through tiny details.

#  Interesting things to notice while there…

  1. A whole tree trunk sliced in two and used as tables…and the extra slabs used as tables too
  2. Naga shawl covering on cushions…big and comfy at the lounge area
  3. Lounge area carpeted by local-made bamboo mats
  4. Old storage trunks used as tables
  5. Car headlights recycled as ceiling lights
  6. The bullet hanging from a wall with the number plate ML 05
  7. Wall paintings and mural of old school Shillong related vehicles, the one leading to the bathroom would catch your attention the most highlighting “him and her”
  8. Cutlery of chai glasses
  9. Number plates attached on the wall across the spacious room indicating the early to  recent versions of the number plates of the district
  10. ‘Muras’ – local made stools used for seating as well as a light décor
  11. Quotes on walls left to wonder aboutCOne portion of tree trunk used as ground table and other behind as a large table
    13243688_1029557960455226_3049361262896267463_oHim and her bathroom
    KThe hanging Royal Enfield bike with the number plate ML 05IMG-20160528-WA0020Lounge area with oh! so soft cushions!

Fast food and beverages is what the menu consists of, serving up delicious takes on the items served.  They also cook up specials on weekends.
We’d recommend the Wai Wai thupka, Nutella and peanut butter sandwich , the home made pizzas and Onion bhajia with cutting chai, which were all so delicious. Also, their Potato wedges served with Burgers as extras are lip smackingly good.

HWai Wai Thupka

GNutella and peanut butter sandwhich

IMG-20160528-WA0016Onion bhajia with cutting chai

Rating according to 5 people who’ve visited the place.

Food : 6/7/6/6/7
Ambience: 8/8/7/8/6
Service: 7/7/7/6/7
Location: 8/8/8/7/9

What makes the place is the details, service, ambience and feeling of being on the road and making it there. Drive through to enjoy its very aspect that it has to offer. Closed every Wednesday to give some well deserved rest to their team, they are open as usual on all other days from 11 am to 7.30 pm.

(By Nocy Rangsa Marak)



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