Mizoram: One of the largest stone cities in India could be in Champai District!

AIZAWL: The Archaeological Society of India is now studying the ruins in Champhai District of Mizoram and considers it to be one of the largest stone cities in India.

This came to light through the the young achievers award that was given by Dalmia Bharat Cement to Pi Pu Sulhnu Humhalh Tu Pawl Dungthlang (Cultural and Environmental Protection and Preservation Society, Dungtlang, Champai District, Mizoram) in recognition of their efforts to preserve and protect Mizo Culture, folklore including preservation of natural habitat by the society.

The society was given this award in recognition of preservation of an old Mizo Village complete with its ancient lifestyle and architecture using its own resources without any aid from other agencies. The society has also played an influential role in preserving the forests in the mountains which is worth appreciation.

This village consists of a chief’s house, his bodyguards’ quarters, queens’ huts, all other important persons and ordinary homes. Each year, they mantain these homes as the last remnants of Mizo home and architecture. The society has also discovered and protected the archeological remains of a city built of stone at the mountain peaks: estimated to be built by tribes from South East Asia around 500 years ago.

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