Mizoram: Human trafficker involved in trafficking people from Rohingya arrested

Mizoram: Human trafficker involved in trafficking people from Rohingya arrested

Aizawl, February 9, 2018

Lasker Hussein aka Johnny, a human trafficker, involved in trafficking people from Rohingya State in Burma was caught by a youth at Vaphai in Mizoram.

Lasker Hussein has been the key player of those involved in human trade from Burma. Last week, Mizoram Police had received the information that he and some of the people whom he had smuggled were at Melbuk in Champhai district of Mizoram. The police managed to surround them and managed to rescue two of the victims. Unfortunately, Laskar Hussein and 4 other victims were not present on the spot. He had already moved on to hand over 4 of his victims over to his partners in Aizawl.

The police gave him a chase and continuously tracked his whereabouts. On February 7, they received another information that he was at Vaphai. The police immediately informed the residents of Vaphai village and warned them of him. The residents were well prepared and ready to nab him.

Meanwhile, two youth identified as Ngursailova and Lalramsiama, who were driving their sumo towards the Burma borders to drop off some passengers, suddenly saw him walking on the road. Lalramsiama, the driver of the first sumo asked him to get on board, on pretext of giving him a lift. When they reached Saikhumphai village, Lalramsiama quickly got off the sumo and dragged Lasker Hussein out, held him down and quickly tied him up with a rope.

The police were quickly notified and at present, Lasker Hussein is in police custody.

Source: Tuipuiral group, YMA



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