Mizoram gets its biggest Church & the only Solomon’s Temple in South-East Asia

Mizoram gets its biggest Church & the only Solomon’s Temple in South-East Asia


The biggest church in Mizoram and the only Solomon’s Temple in South-East Asia, constructed by the Holy Church (Kohhran Thianghlim) was dedicated to God on 25.12.2017 by unveiling a plaque by Dr. L.B. Sailo, Chairman, Executive Committee of the Holy Church.

Before unveiling the plaque, Dr. L.B. Sailo said that he dedicated this Temple for the eternal dwelling of God. He urged the Holy Spirit to appear in the people’s heart whenever there are gatherings in the Temple. Jesus Christ of Nazareth shall be eternally glorified in this Temple and, he pleaded to God to answer the prayers whenever the elects (members of the church) offered prayer to Him by calling the name of the Temple. All the participants in unison shouted “Halleluiah Amen” three times and the Temple was officially inaugurated.

Foundation Stone was laid on Dt. 23.12.1996. The architectural design was fabricated by Dr. L.B. Sailo and in a dream, he was given the detailed design and structure of the Temple in 1991, and construction is being undertaken accordingly. The faces of Temple exactly face south, north, east and west. There are 12 doors, four pillars, four towers and there are no columns in the Temple. Constructed with Busleara marble on the outer wall, the flooring is done with red sandstone. Each side of the Temple is 180 ft. at length with the porch, and the inner hall is 120 ft. on all four sides. The seating capacity of the main hall is 3000 people and a big compound with lush green vegetation encircles the building. The Temple bagged the Govt. of Mizoram’s ‘Green Mizoram Outstanding Performance’ in the years 1999 and 2000.

The cost of construction is Rupees 18 crores, including 10 crores for procuring materials, 3.50 crores for skilled labour, and 4.50 crores in community labour. For a total number of 3,00,000 manpower, the church members were involved in the construction through community/voluntary labour.

The Holy Church was formed in the year 1984 through Dr. L.B Sailo and census is never conducted to enumerate the church members, but the members are all those who are first-born and enrolled in heaven. In Mizoram, the church is divided into seven divisions with various local churches under them. The highest administrative body of the Holy Church is called The Executive Committee.

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