Meghalaya: WJH residents refuse to let go of DC Arun Kumar Kembhavi after 551 days of relentless service!

Meghalaya: WJH residents refuse to let go of DC Arun Kumar Kembhavi after 551 days of relentless service!

The people’s Deputy Commissioner as he is affectionately referred to as by the people of West Jaintia Hills, Arun Kumar Kembhavi, the former DC of Jowai was on January 2 transferred to West Khasi Hills Disrict following a long controversial row over various issues and demands by certain sections of people to get him transferred. As much as this decision was expected by the people, the sudden notification came as a rude shock to many residents of West Jaintia Hills. One of the major reasons for him getting transferred was attributed to the lathi charge against KNGCSU for which he was widely criticized.

It may be mentioned that the transfer of Arunkumar Kembhavi comes at a crucial time when numerous projects could be completed under his leadership-  This year, the district should have achieved the ultimate goal of Open Defecation Free (ODF) tag for the district. The execution of 2 crore RUSA project for Kiang Nongbah Government College would have begun shortly. The district was also in the process of getting final sanction for 6.04 crore solar power project from the Government of India for Jowai sub division. The Integrated Check Post in Dawki, work for which had just started. The border fencing between India and Bangladesh which is a nationally significant project. The district was also leapfrogging to digital and cashless economy. Few incomplete PWD projects like Kureliya bridge (98% completed), Khlie Tyrshi bypass, widening of Jowai-Amlarem single lane, Bakur bridge, Shillong-Dawki JICA project, land acquisition for Jowai-Ratacherra NH project, solid and liquid waste disposal mechanism for Jowai town and few other road projects. There was one good Columbia University project to give the primary education sector a new color. Tourism had always found a special place with Arun. The ongoing tourism projects in Shnongpdeng, Darrang, Krang Shuri, Thadlaskein, Lumtiniang Park, Ialong, Moosakhia-Samanong, Nartiang etc are in various stages of execution.

It will be worthwhile to note whether under the leadership of the new DC, these targets would be completed or new targets would be set.  Many people in West Jainia hills know Arun Kumar Kembhavi as socially the most engaged Deputy Commissioner as was evident from his facebook page Deputy Commissioner Jowai Facebook page which was last updated on January 4, 2017. Following the announcement of his transfer, people on social media began pouring in their discontent over his transfer.

Here are some testimonials from the people themselves that prove that the DC of West Jaintia Hills was truly a Peoples’ Deputy Commissioner:

“Though it is a sad turn of events, however looking back at the immense contribution you have poured in for the district as well as your heart-felt commitment, we the citizens are also immensely happy and excited that the West Khasi Hills District will now have a share in your visionary administration. Jai Hind, Sir. You are a blessing to the Indian Administrative Service. A blessing for Meghalaya”- Keith Nongsteng

“Sir no one can ever replace you. It’s has been an honour and privileged to have you here. Sadly the democratically system seems to differ. God bless you Sir. The good that you have done can never be undone”- Rapki Shullai

“What u have done to our district is much better n ur the best DC v ever had…. U have bring hope especially the youth…..within a short time u have been able to protect our district….. But sir….. They may transfer or change ur post or job but they will never b able to transfer or change ur sincere work….. God bless u”- Felicia Kyndiah Feli

“It a big lost for jaintia hills. Lucky west Khasi hill.
I hope d new DC won’t drag d district to where it was previously. I personally feel really sad for our district with this change”.- Eti Lapzz

“What really hurts, is when you leave, when the stone of unfortunate start to turn to fortunate…….one…. Now I hope it will not go untouch by newly appointed. What we see a good leadership of what we needs in all of those ashes dreams to turn our town into an extraordinary one, but we get the idea of the future but sad to say you wouldn’t be apart of this event. But you as the sole foundation of good governance, everyone is going to miss in this wind of change. Adios adieu. Deputy” – Lato Rimitre

“as I saw the word transfer I got shock at the same time I recalled back of the incident with the kngc students which led u to perform your best……anyway we can’t forget your footprint which really uplifted the district sir countless your work I have no words to mention it no measurement can balance it as I read your post my tear flows down but I have no power to hold u back with us but the only word which I can make equal to your work and give u as a new year gift is well done and thank you so much sir.may God give you good health n be with you wherever you are u will always be in our heart v miss u alots sir n save journey when you leave for.”- Dewa K Siangshai

“It’s something very sad news Sir,we really missed your Leadership. Your 551 days of service have contributed a lot to our District, Sir and especially hundreds of problems of the people have been solved day by day while only throwing their complaints thru watsapp only. Congrats andThankyou so much Sir for the inspiration and support that you’ve given us under your leadership . A Deputy commissioner who really works for the betterment of our District West Jaintia Hills will never be able to remain in the District for more than 551 days ‘coz some are unpleasant .So wishing you all the best Sir, for the remaining days of your service wherever you’ll be posted and please do remember us. Thank you”- Multi June Shylla

“You are the best DC W. Jaintia has ever had Sir , transparency, dedication and honesty are your ideology but your worth becomes a hurdle to some, we the lay men can do nothing but suffered the consequences .What I can do is pray to God to bless you wherever you are.”- Wirceena Phawa

Under any circumstance, one thing we can be sure of is that the people of West Jaintia Hills are full of expectations and looking forward to the new DC, Senior IAS officer, R Rapthap with great expectations.

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