Meghalaya: Williamnagar bearer of poorest internet connectivity in the country

Meghalaya: Williamnagar bearer of poorest internet connectivity in the country



SHILLONG: Ravaged by militancy, plagued by no viable socio-economic development, the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya has earned yet another title to its credit of being the bearer of the poorest information technology connectivity in the country.

Experts in the field of information technology stated that Williamnagar the headquarters of East Garo Hills district claims the number one spot in terms of poor connectivity.

“Connectivity in williamnagar region of Garo Hills is pathetic, be it internet or phone connection,” said Divisional Engineer Transmission of BSNL, Santanu Ghosh adding, “Williamnagar tops the list of poor connection in the entire country.”

Elaborating more, Ghosh informed that BSNL has been trying for past 10 to 12 years to improve connectivity but has not been able to succeed in their endeavour for various reasons, the top most being militancy followed by snapping of the lines.

Informing that BSNL was able to provide only four links to Williamnagar through West Khasi Hills district headquarter Nongstoin, Gosh said that the only connecting link is a 25 years old micro wave link from Nongstion and if that fails connectivity in that area is doomed.

“A microwave link from Tura-Rongram and Arbella is also being worked upon,” he added.

Highlighting the initiatives of BSNL in improving the connectivity problem, Ghosh informed that BSNL is working in close coordination with the Meghalaya Power Distribution Company Ltd (MePDCL) to provide connection through Optical Ground Wire (OPGW).



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