Meghalaya: WGH DC issues strict warning to late comers, drunk staffs

Meghalaya: WGH DC issues strict warning to late comers, drunk staffs

From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Tura, May 16, 2018: 

In a bid to ensure that discipline is observed in government offices, West Garo Hills (WGH) deputy commissioner, Ram Singh on Tuesday issued circular warning to late comers asking them to pull up their socks while also taking up the issue of officers coming in drunk to the office.

The circular comes after many reports of late coming to offices reached the DC .

“It has been reported that many staffs are not punctual and come into the office only after 10:30 am. It is reminded that office starts at 10 am as per the government rule. As such officers are directed to reach office on time,” said the circular.

The circular further stated that repeated late coming would invite a caution letter which would be put up in the service book of the employee or grant of casual leave or other disciplinary measures.

Further upon receiving reports of officers coming to the office in an inebriated state, the DC said the same was an absolute no-no.

“If any office staff is found to be drunk on duty, the officer in charge needs to send him for medical examination and initiate disciplinary action including dismissal from service,” added the circular.

The DC further asked all department heads to maintain an attendance register regularly while adding that he would be taking up routine checks regularly.

“If an employee is found absent without leave during routine visits, disciplinary action will be taken against them as well as the officer concerned if no action has been initiated against the staff,” it stated.

The DC also ordered all employees of the DC office to use the bio-metric system of attendance for registering their attendance with the DIO (NIC) being asked to monitor the same.




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