Meghalaya: Visit Wah Rashi — A Haven of Waterfalls

Meghalaya: Visit Wah Rashi — A Haven of Waterfalls

A piece of the beautiful countryside deserves writing about.

Shillong has been blessed with so much, within the town itself and of course, all along the outskirts. Add to the beauty of nature, the joy of making impromptu plans with friends to go explore a new place and what you end up with is an absolutely memorable day…

A state holiday on the occasion of ‘Beidenkhlam’ opened up a window for a few of us to make a trip to a place inaugurated only in December, 2015 for the public to visit. Situated 70 kms away from Shillong, a day-trip to and from Wah Rashi Kshaid in Syntung village is recommended only for the ones with the heart and stamina. But yes, for anyone who wants to see the beautiful countryside, we promise that the 140 kms (to and fro)are totally worth it!


Wah Rashi Kshaid in Syntung village is a river formed by 5 waterfalls as per the information on a pamphlet distributed at the entrance of the venue. However, the explorers in us found a total of 7 falls the day we visited only to be later told that we missed out one more.


Syntung is a village which falls under Raid Lynshing Khyriem Syiemship, Mawkynrew C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya. The village elders say it is the oldest among all neighboring villages. The first settlers of this village were the four clans namely: Suting, Nongrum, Mukhim and Lynshiang clans.

To get there you follow a simple route and cross these places one after another:
Shillong – Smit – Thangsning – Laitdiengsai – Jongsha – Mawkynrew – Jatah – Pashang -Syntung.


Enjoy endless green pastures with paddy fields or vegetables patches throughout the journey (unless it’s foggy); see undulating hill locks, vegetation (interesting wild flowers while keeping an eye out for the Nepenthes Khasiana or commonly known as pitcher plant), reptiles, grazing cattle to local folks with knups (traditional umbrella made of bamboo) and much more. The ride to and away from the destination is a visual treat in itself.


It is sad though that parts of the road leading to the area were rather deplorable. Rocks were accumulated on the side paths for several kilometers and seem to have been lying there for a long time. Left us wondering if the Government inaugurated the destination without a proper plan to promote it.



Wah Rashi is known for its waterfalls, the sights of which will leave you in awe. It offers a lot more in terms to explore if you enjoy walking the untrodden paths. While a guide could ensure you take the easier paths to get to the different areas of the several waterfalls at Wah Rashi, venture alone if you enjoy the uncertainty and want to discover a waterfall or stream on your own. Either way, no one can not enjoy reaching the end of a walk without moving  across a shaky bamboo bridge or taking a dip in the natural pools (Wah Mahader). The scenic view from the viewpoints set up boast of a surreal surrounding. Don’t miss the ‘God Rock’ overlooking the kshaid which the people of this area used to worship to ward off plague and disease in olden days.



If ever you plan a visit to the place then I’d recommend the following:

# An adventurous spirit to trek,
# shoes with good grip to walk along the slippery paths and eco trails,
# change of clothes (there is so much water tempting you to get in),
# umbrella (for the weather report is never reliable),
# picnic basket (it’s a long journey),
# a group of friends makes the experience more enjoyable.

Warning: It is a leech paradise, so guts and salt to deal with the slimy creatures is a good idea. Also, if you do not know how to swim, carrying a life jacket would be considered smart.



Meghalaya as a state has a lot to offer in terms of scenic nature tourist spots. For locals from the city of Shillong for whom tourist destinations are cliché and for travelers from outside who prefer the unexplored, this a wonderful trip to make. You’ll be amazed by the secluded ways of living still prevalent in the villages, nature in its best form, treks that lead through paths unknown, and how experiences of a day like this make a memory of a lifetime.

Picture Credits:
Karikorlang Kharkongor, Gavin Aaron Diengdoh,  Bibiana Ryntathiang, Pynshgainlang Tariang, Nebel Lona.

Nocy Rangsa Marak



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