Meghalaya: UDP rules out possibilities of working with Congress, BJP

Meghalaya: UDP rules out possibilities of working with Congress, BJP

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 17, 2018:

While ruling out the possibilities of working either with the Congress or the BJP, UDP working president, Paul Lyngdoh on Saturday said that the regional parties’ alliance comprising of the UPD, HSPDP and GNC will comfortably cross the half way mark after the ensuing Assembly polls in the State.

“The question of working with the likes of the Congress and BJP does not arise since we are confident that this alliance will sail through and come up with a comfortable number. We would like to see the regional parties to take over the reign of power after the result of March 3,” Lyngdoh, who is the contesting from West Shillong Constituency told newsmen here on Saturday.

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He said that even if the regional parties alliance does not cross the half way, they have already established contact with come independent candidates with strong winning chances.

Lyngdoh further stated that if they wanted to widen their circle of friends, then they would strike a deal with the NPP, NCP, BJP and so on so forth.

He said that the regional parties will definitely benefit from the massive anti-incumbency wave against the Congress even as he predicted that the BJP will not be able to perform as it has claimed.

“Even in the worse case scenario, the alliance will emerge as a single largest entity,” Lyngdoh added.

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Reacting to the allegations leveled by the Congress that the UDP and NPP are ‘Trojan horse’ of the BJP, Lyngdoh also said that the Congress is trying to grasp at every opportunity to remain relevant and to come back to power.

“The Congress has cleverly tried to manipulate public opinion by deflecting attention from its own failure and bringing in the flaws of process of Hindutva. But the reality is that even Dr Mukul Sangma himself recently had said that the BJP will not cross two seats. If the saffron brigade is not crossing even the two seats’ mark then why does the Congress continues to talk about this party. This reflects the desperation among the Congress,” he said, adding, “The Congress is fighting its last battle”.

The UDP working president observed that the Congress led Government in the State has failed not for five but for eight years. “The Congress has not been able to perform despite having the support of the 40 MLAs in the past five years,” he said.

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Stating that the question of a “trojan horse” does not arise, Lyngdoh said that it is the Congress who is trying to shift the attention of electorates in the State since it realises that it cannot comeback to power from the main door. “The Congress is trying come back to power from the backdoor using the fear of Hindutva. But the people of Meghalaya have enough wisdom and the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. I am sure nobody would like the return of the Congress which has failed inspite of having such robust number of MLAs in the Assembly,” the UDP working president said.

When asked about West Shillong constituency being one of the critical constituency as per the assessment of the security agencies, Lyngdoh said that in the past 15 years, one of his major achievement is the restoration of peace, normalcy and tranquility in the entire constituency adding that this is a challenging responsibility given the fact that it is a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic constituency.

“But there are disruptive elements especially with elections coming up. This is something that the law enforcement agency will have to take a call on it,” the UDP working president said.




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