Meghalaya: Technology-a virtual doorway for criminals as ‘cyber crime’ cases shoot up in state

Meghalaya: Technology-a virtual doorway for criminals as ‘cyber crime’ cases shoot up in state

SHILLONG, June 19 2017: Often considered as a great modern day breakthrough that revolutionised the World by turning a four square screen of a computer into a window to connect with the rest of the world, little was known that the window of opportunities the Information Technology revolution brought in will later turn into a doorway for criminal minds.

The advent of information technology may have turned life easier but it has also compromised personal security and privacy of an individual and perhaps the first salvo of a global crisis that has been brewing for decades after the information technology revolution – the Ransomware attack on May 12, this year is just an example of what we are treading upon.

Closer home in Meghalaya the state of affair of IT related issues or cyber crime is not that good either. The latest report of Meghalaya police on the number of cognizable Crimes (under Local & Spl. Laws ) Reported in Meghalaya during the years 2007 to 2016 under the Information Technology Act, 2000 is 47 in 2014,  45 in 2015 and  39 in 2016.

These are the statistics of IT related crime reported with the police and there are however many more which has not been reported to the police.

“With modernisation, technology has taken the centre stage in social life and the privacy and security of individuals are compromised.  It is a very complex situation,” said, State Information and Technology Minister, Ampareen Lyngdoh further adding that cyber security is the latest challenge for Indian policing.

Stating that cyber crime is the 21st century concept of crime and nothing is beyond hacking, Lyngdoh said, “ We (India) are the birth place of hacking system and the police work to provide safety and security to the citizens are no more confined to work place and streets but has moved up to the houses of the individual aswell.

“We need to bring in a system, a strategy, a think tank involving experts, police to deal with the menace,” she added.

Informing that she had received numerous complaints at her own personal level from people who have been robbed of thousands of rupees Lyngdoh said, “The citizens have to be extremely careful as nowadays from Aadhar card to bank accounts everything is linked”.

It may be mentioned that the central government under its Digital India programme, have launched new initiatives and broaden the scope of existing ones, to make more services accessible to the masses. The 22 initiatives launched under the Digital India programme include projects in the areas of digital infrastructure, digital empowerment, on-demand government services and promotion of industry.

Under the programme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to provide government services online, expand Internet connectivity to rural areas and boost manufacturing of electronic goods in the country.

Admitting that cyber crime is a big menace, a big challenge and the government are holding numerous seminars, awareness campaigns and meetings of experts from the IT department with the police, Lyngdoh however said, “The less educated and the less informed people are the victims mostly.”

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