Meghalaya: Shylla prefers to act as ‘mentor’ rather than accepting the post of Deputy CEM!

Meghalaya: Shylla prefers to act as ‘mentor’ rather than accepting the post of Deputy CEM!

Shillong, June, 26, 2017: Former KHADC Chief Executive Member, Hispreachingson Shylla has denied reports that he will be accommodated in the post of Deputy CEM in the PN Syiem led Executive Committee (EC).

“I have made it very clear to the CEM that I would not like to occupy any post in the Council. I would prefer to play the role of a mentor to the young MDCs who should be given more responsibility to look into the affairs of the Council,” Shylla told TNT-The Northeast Today here on Monday.

He further stated that it will not be wise on his part to occupy the post of the Deputy CEM since he had earlier occupied the post of the CEM in the Council.

“I cannot stoop so low to occupy the post just for the sake of getting a position in the Council. I want to make it very clear that I would not accept any position in the Council at the moment,” Shylla clarified.

Meanwhile, a section of the media had reported that PN Syiem is contemplating to induct Shylla to the post of Deputy CEM which is being look as an attempt to further strengthen the position of the ruling coalition (People’s Democratic Forum) in the KHADC especially at a time when the Congress and regional parties have joined hands to ensure his ouster from the post of CEM.

Interestingly, the KHADC CEM is also planning to induct Laban-Mawprem MDC, Ricky Shullai as the new Executive Member (EM) in his Executive Committee.

However, the ongoing turmoil in the KHADC has not yet ended especially with the State Government contemplating to convene a Special Session for a trial of strength in the Council.

It will also be interesting to see whether Governor Banwariral Purohit is going to endorse the recommendations of the State Government for convening the Special Session.

In the past few years, it has been witnessed that Raj Bhavan no longer acts as a rubber stamp of the State Government.  The BJP appointed Governor had dared to decline to endorse the decision taken by the State Government. The latest being the decision of the Cabinet for lifting of the Administrator’s Rule in the Garo Hills Autonomous Council (GHADC).

Instead of endorsing the decision of the Cabinet, Purohit decided to sought queries from the State Government over its decision to lift the Adminiistrator’s Rule.

Even though the State Government has replied to the queries sought by the Governor, he is yet to take decision on lifting of the Administrator’s Rule in the Council.

It may be mentioned that the State Government had been facing difficulties to push its decision ever since the  BJP appointed Governor has taken over the Raj Bhavan.

Even during the time of V Shanmuganathan, the State Government had struggled to get the approval on its various legislation including the much talked about Village Administration Bill.

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