MEGHALAYA | Shillong puts Swachh Bharat mission to shame as heaps of garbage lie unattended for months!

MEGHALAYA | Shillong puts Swachh Bharat mission to shame as heaps of garbage lie unattended for months!

Shillong, October 12, 2017: In what may be termed as huge blow to the Swaccha Bharat Mission in the capital town of Shillong, an unpleasant sight of a huge amount of garbage dump has come to light at the road between MES and Nongmynsong. The issue came into the lime light when Nicholas Jonathan Kharnami shared a video on his Social media timeline which is part of ‘My Shillong, My Pride Swachh Shillong Marathon’ .

As per his video statement, the garbage has been lying on the spot for months without any attention from either the municipal authorities nor the MES. He also mentioned that the video was a medium to communicate with the concerned authorities in order to make them aware of what is happening in and around the city. Nicholas or bah Nick as he is commonly known also raised an important question pertaining to the un attended garbage and said that since the road is used everyday by various passer by, who is to be blamed for this menace?

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In view of this, the Command Works Engineer Officer had a word with Bah Nick during which he mentioned that the cleaning of garbage lying there was the responsibility of the Shillong Municipal Board. Bah Nick also mentioned that he had witnessed many residents of the area littering in the particular spot and sent out a message to them using this video.

His campaign garnered support from eminent personalities including Editor of The Shillong Times Miss Patricia Mukhim, UDP Working President, Jemin Mawthoh and others.

It may be recalled that only last week, two persons were fined by the Shillong Municipality authorities for littering in a public space. While on the one hand, the authorities are doing their best to ensure cleanliness in the state, some irresponsible citizens have been putting the town to shame through their activities. Also, it may be questioned as to why has the garbage been left unattended for months altogether? Even if it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Shillong Municipality, the local people residing in the area should have had a sense of responsibility to take it upon themselves and come forward to clean the area. This attitude of the civilians clearly portrays lack of civic sense and irresponsibility. It is a shame how we, on the one hand claim to have surpassed the big Indian cities in terms of Swachhata and on the other we fail to recognize our duties as individuals.

Watch Bah Nick’s Video below:

Shweta Raj Kanwar for TNT- the Northeast Today

Source Inputs: Nicholas Jonathan Kharnami and MadBoy Nicky J Mirchi Facebook posts and images



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