Meghalaya Polls: David Nongrum clarifies on his name appearing in AICC candidate list, raises imp issues

Meghalaya Polls: David Nongrum clarifies on his name appearing in AICC candidate list, raises imp issues

Shillong | February 4, 2018

As AICC declared its first list of candidates on January 27, trouble seemed to be brewing for Mawryngkneng MLA, David Nongrum as eyebrows were raised on him joining the Congress without resigning from the post. Nongrum, who contested the last election as an independent candidate, has been named as Congress nominee this year.

However, speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today on his visit to Umkhen village in Mawryngkneng today, he clarified that he had already submitted his resignation to the Speaker on January 24th.

“I had technically already resigned on January 24 and submitted my resignation to the speaker but of course many were not aware of this hence the doubts were raised”, he said, while adding that this is the reason why his name appeared in the Congress list on January 27.

Nongrum was on his visit to Umkhen, Wahtyrthi that falls under Mawryngkneng Constituency wherein he interacted with the people and took stock of their hopes and expectations ahead of polls.

He raised concerns about the need to construct proper roads and educational institutions in the constituency that would help in brightening the future of the region. When questioned about the pathetic state of roads in parts of Happy Valley, especially the Kuccha road which has been a cause of concern for all residents of Umkhen village since times immemorial, he said, “Since that stretch of land falls under the jurisdiction of the defence, we as civilians cannot have any say over it. However, we had already planned for an alternate route to be constructed but the main hindrance that we are facing in this regard is the acquisition of land. The private land owners are unwilling to part away with their land due to which this plan is at a halt. But the moment we have their cooperation, the problem will be solved”.

It may be mentioned that from the claims of getting five legislators, the Congress got only three sitting legislators while it lost seven MLAs to other political parties like PDF, Congress and NPP. Besides Marthon Sangma from NCP and Independents David Nongrum and Brigady Marak, who were already allotted party tickets, the Congress had claimed that two more Independent legislators, Ashahel D Shira and Michael Sangma, would join its fold, but in vain.

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