Meghalaya Polls: Conrad brands Mukul as ‘party workers’ CM’

Meghalaya Polls: Conrad brands Mukul as ‘party workers’ CM’

From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Tura, Feb 17, 2018: 

Continuing his tirade against Meghalaya chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma, president of the National people’s Party (NPP), Conrad K Sangma on Saturday branded the chief minister as a party workers’ CM.

“He (Mukul) has not worked in the interest of the state but has furthered the interests of his close aides and only the Congress workers and supporters,” Conrad said while addressing an election meeting today at the village of Dopa Apal under Resubelpara in North Garo Hills (NGH).

Conrad was campaigning for NPP candidate Timothy D Shira, who is pitted against former CM and Congress veteran Salseng C Marak.

According to him, the distribution of MLA schemes under the CM had become party people centric and reminded the CM that the role of a legislator was to work for the interest of everyone of the constituency once elected.

“It is the responsibility of an elected leader to work equally for all but it is shameful that most Congress leaders have only worked in close tandem with some vested leaders of the party, depriving the people of the constituency they represent at large,” he stated.

“Irresponsible leaders of the society should be taught a lesson and I request you to vote for a party and its leaders, who once elected, will work for the interest of the entire constituency,” he said.

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Conrad felt that leaders should not be selective and as their true representative, they have to become the voice of the people while initiating welfare and development.

Hitting out at Mukul and other Congress leaders for the distribution of blankets ahead of election, he said, “In eight years, Mukul and his comrades realised that winter comes only during election and decided to distribute blanket. If the blankets were good, I could have acknowledged them for their effort but surprisingly the blankets which were distributed were of poor and cheap quality,” alleged the NPP leader.

“He (Mukul) thinks he is a great strategist and he knows the magic to win elections but enough is enough. People have realized his misdeeds. Those selected people who were given blankets have come out to express their dissatisfaction and have vowed that this time Congress will be taught a lesson,” he added.

Giving example of Songsak constituency, where Mukul is contesting apart from Ampati, his home turf, Conrad said, “People in Songsak were very happy with the blankets distributed by Mukul, but soon they realized that it was of poor quality. However, they are still happy because they got a rope to tie pigs and cattle with. They tell me that the blanket after washing has become a good rope.”

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He added that even this effort of the Congress had been selective in nature but according to Conrad, they failed to realize that freebies they provided with the intention to garner votes would hit back at them due to poor quality.

“Misdeeds and wrong intentions cannot be hidden for too long,” added the NPP chief.




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