Meghalaya Polls 2018: With Prestone on its side, can Pynursla become NPP stronghold?

Meghalaya Polls 2018: With Prestone on its side, can Pynursla become NPP stronghold?

By Lamphrang Nongspung, TNT News | Shillong, Jan 31, 2018:

With elections just round the corner, it is interesting to analyse the political waves in various constituencies with election fever mounting and steadfast political changes, events which makes politics so unpredictable and exciting.

The board is set and the pieces are slowing moving as political parties prepare for battle, thus giving people a chance to get a glimpse of ‘game of cards’. As we turn our gaze towards the political situation in the respective constituency, it seems like the game is heading towards an uncertain end making it difficult to predict.

Narrowing our focus to one constituency, the political landscape in Pynursla constituency is undergoing certain changes with predictions going against the favour of the Congress following the defection of former congress leader Prestone Tynsong now shifting his allegiance to the Natonal People’s Party (NPP).

The Nationalist People’s Party (NPP) candidate, Prestone Tynsong looks like he is having an edge over the other candidates in the battle for the Pynursla constituency in the upcoming Assembly polls in the State.

As of now, besides Tynsong, the candidates who are in fray include sitting KHADC MDC and lone woman candidate, Grace Mary Kharpuri (PDF), Nehru Suting (UDP) and Dr J Ryndong (Congress). The BJP is contemplating to field Bantei S Rumnong from the constituency.

It may be mentioned that following the delimitation in the last 2013 Assembly polls, Pynursla constituency comprises some parts of the previous two constituencies – Langkyrdem and Nongshken.

With the delimitation, the constituency has a total number of 66 polling stations. There are a total of 32,809 voters in this border constituency.

The latest trend in the constituency shows a favoured inclination towards Tynsong since he is expected to garner votes in majority of the polling stations in the constituency.

During a survey in various areas of the constituency, it was found that Tynsong has managed to make his presence felt in majority of the areas of the constituency. It is observed that both Kharpuri and Suting are way behind in the contest.

The trend indicates that Tynsong is leading in around 30 polling stations. On the other hand, Suting is leading in 12 polling stations while Kharpuri is leading in 11 polling stations.

The Congress and BJP is leading only in one polling stations. In the four polling stations, all the five candidates are getting equal number of support. However, it is not clear on the trends in the 7 new polling stations in the constituency. The seven new polling stations include Mawah, Nongkhlieng Tyngkei, Lyndem Mawbarem, Wahumlein Mawbyrnei, Wahjarem Riborma, Pashum and Mawryngkang.

The 30 polling stations which Tyngsong is expected to lead include Mawkajem Pomlum, Massar, Nongjri, Mawlieh Rngain, Laitlyting, Lyting Lyngdoh, Mawpran Nongmadan, Nongsder, Pynter, Urksew-Wahpathaw Laitsohphie, Umkor, Pynursla Proper, Wahlyngkat, Laitmynring, Shuthim, Mynrieng among others.

Meanwhile, the 12 polling stations which Suting is leading include Mawbeh-Nongkroh, Nohwet-Nongsohpan,, Mawshun, Nongshken, Nongkwai, Madan Shad Sngi, among others. At the same time, the 11 polling stations that Kharpuri is leading include Lyngkyrdem-Iewduh, Pyrnai-Saitwai-Shakai, Pomshutia, Wahdait, Tangmang among others.

The interesting factor is that the hard core Congress supporters has now shifted to the NPP camp. In the past, the regional parties vote banks is very stong in Pynursla constituency since the time of former Chief Minister, late BB Lyngdoh. Tynsong would have been defeated in the previous election from Langkyrdem if the regional parties had fought the election together.

The number of votes secured by each candidate from Langkyrdem constituency in 2008 were – Tynsong (7356 votes), KHNAM candidate late Dominic Roblin Nongkynrih (6553 votes) and UDP candidate Samuel Khongbuh (3541 votes). If total number of votes secured by the KHNAM and UDP candidate is combined together, Tynsong would have lost the election by 2738 votes. He (Tynsong) finally managed to win by narrow margin of 803 votes.

Even in the last 2013 elections, Tynsong would have been defeated if the votes polled in favour former legislator, Donkupar Sumer and UDP candidate, Banalari Khongwar are combine together. The number of votes secured by each candidate from Langkyrdem constituency in 2013 were Tynsong (12251 votes), Banalari Khongwar (8187 votes) and Donkupar Massar (6162 votes). Tyngsong would have been defeated by 2098 votes.

Tynsong will still have to fight his way if either Nehru and Kharpuri decides not to contest. But now both Kharpuri and Tynsong are eating each other’s votes.

Interestingly, the Congress decision to field Dr J Ryndong has backfired. Congress main reason to field Dr Ryndong was to steal Tynsong votes. But now it looks like Ryndong is stealing the votes from all the candidates. Even the BJP have got a strong vote bank in some of the polling stations in the constituency. The fate of this whole contest would be known after the counting of votes on March 3.




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