Meghalaya politics: ‘The wind of change is blowing in Meghalaya’, BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy

Meghalaya politics: ‘The wind of change is blowing in Meghalaya’, BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 12, 2018

As February 27 draws closer, the election fever in the state is soaring as the poll-bound state witnesses the visits of many senior leaders of various political parties to boost the state party’s morale with a hope to form the government after the elections.

Similarly, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders were seen frequenting the state even as they expressed confidence of getting the majority and forming the government in Meghalaya, which is one of the few congress-bastions.

Addressing media persons here in Shillong on Monday, Senior BJP leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Thursday is determined that the BJP will form the government in March while maintaining that the wind of change is blowing in the state.

“In Meghalaya, I can read the pulse of change and it looks like people have made up their minds for a change as we have witnessed across the country,” Rudy said.

Stating that BJP has tread many a journey in these past decades, Ruddy said from two parliamentarian, the BJP has now grew in strength and number both at the centre and states. “We will continue to march ahead to form the government in the remaining states, starting with Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland,” he said.

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Furthermore, the BJP leader said that in Meghalaya, a state which houses 55 tribal seats, the true essence of the country is felt – legacy, tradition, recognition and formation of the state. “The major significance for the union government and for Prime Minister is development,” he said.

Referring to the Look East Policy, Ruddy said major focus is being laid on Meghalaya in particular in view of the evolved and progressive society, presence of conscious and vibrant youth. “But sadly, the feedback that we have been getting in Delhi is dismal – the previous government in the state are not performing and the only positive symptoms of development were the work of union government which are the good highways,” he added.

Stating that previous governments in Meghalaya have not been able to do justice to the people of the state, Ruddy sarcastically said that organising a state of the art infrastructure, parallel for roads, transport, welfare, electricity, sports is not rocket science, it is the will of the government.”

The BJP leader also fired salvo at the Congress government in Meghalaya stating that under its rule, the state has missed out so much and while other states are already talking about bullet trains and metro, unfortunately Meghalaya is still talking about rural development.

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“The Congress has no vision, it has lost foothold across the country and last few states are crumbling and one of them is Meghalaya,” he said adding that the BJP has a clear manifesto – development.

“In our manifesto, we will include rural develop which is our top most priority besides employment, industrialisation, youth empowerment, tourism and employment,” Ruddy added.

Meanwhile, downplaying predictions and speculation of a fractured and hung assembly in Meghalaya, Ruddy said “We will have majority and we are confident of forming the government.”

Reacting to a query on the BJP’s intervention to tackle the problem of influx and opposition to railway project – the two major cause of concern for the state, if it comes to power, BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli said “The BJP respects the identities of various tribes and community and whatever needs to be done to protect their identity, the BJP will work for it.”

Charging the Congress, Kohli reiterated “I charge the Congress for communalising this election and for forcing the church into politics and for projecting the BJP as a divisive force. Our agenda is clear and that is development.”




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