Meghalaya Politics: Mukul’s development plan is an attractive trailer of a ‘Flop Bollywood Movie’, says Conrad

Meghalaya Politics: Mukul’s development plan is an attractive trailer of a ‘Flop Bollywood Movie’, says Conrad

From Our Correspondent

Tura | February 16, 2018

NPP chief Conrad K. Sangma has lambasted chief minister Mukul Sangma for selling false dream by hiding facts in what he speaks.

“Mukul says that I have not done my homework on the roads in plain belt area of Garo hills. It is a known fact that the roads are in deplorable condition and he is selling dream of NH-127 B, which is yet to become a reality. I am sorry for Mukul that he has failed to even do his classwork”, said Conrad, addressing a rally at Dagal under Songsak constituency, where Mukul is pitted against NPP strongman Nihim D. Shira.

Addressing several rallies under Songsak and Rongjeng constituency, Conrad attacked Mukul for branding him as a “memorandum MP”.

“Dr. Mukul you are scared! You have no issues, so you are trying to go all out to say whatever you feel. Let me tell you that the memorandum submitted by me are in the interest of the people. I am concerned for my people and will continue to raise issues and concerns with the central government and this is my job”, he said.

In an attempt to strike cord with the electorates of Songsak, Conrad said that NPP would usher in a positive era in Meghalaya.

“People of Meghalaya have suffered a lot under Congress regime. It is time for the people to be conscious of their rights and vote for a government that would ensure them a secure, independent and conducive environment for growth and development”, he added.

He assured the people that NPP would embark on the single agenda of growth and would ensure equity for all the people of the state. “We as a party would ensure that the momentum of growth is not region centric. We have charted out a strategic plan for holistic development of Meghalaya”.

He said that Mukul is scared of NPP and was making all attempts to harp on his so-called ambitious plan of development, which is nothing but attractive trailer of a flop bollywood movie.

“He has failed the people of Meghalaya and people have lost their trust in Congress. Let him try whatever he can but this time we will ensure that people are united to dethrone them from power”.

Alleging that Mukul was trying to satisfy his ego by contesting from Songsak constituency, Conrad said, “In 2016 Lok Sabha by-election, Mukul said he would wipe out NPP from Songsak and Dadenggre but it is only his wishful dream. He (Mukul) is now trying hard to retain even Ampati, so he is contesting Songsak. March 3 will demonstrate that people are not willing to accept him either in Songsak nor in Ampati”.

Lambasting Mukul for his false promises and claims of development in Meghalaya, he said, “People from Congress party are coming out in large numbers to join NPP because they are frustrated of his dictatorial attitude. Infact many of the Congress leaders were fed up with him that they decided to join us and contest from NPP and many veteran politicians of the Congress decided not to contest the election because they are not willing to accept defeat”.



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