Meghalaya Politics: “It’s time for Tura to get back what is due to them!”- South Tura Independent candidate

Meghalaya Politics: “It’s time for Tura to get back what is due to them!”- South Tura Independent candidate

From Our Correspondent

Tura, February 12, 2018

As campaigns are on in full swing for upcoming assembly polls scheduled to take place on February 27, candidates are leaving no stone un turned to give reasons to people why they should be voting for them.  For independent candidate for South Tura, this is the first elections that he has ever fought on any platform and comes only after he has seen people struggle to get the basic minimum of facilities in the town of Tura itself.

Former member of UDP, who resigned at the last moment on personal grounds before filing his nomination as an Independent, felt that the town needed to listen to the woes being faced by its residents.

“My aim is to ensure this gap is closed. Everywhere I go through the town, people only want the minimum of development. These include basic things like water, electricity, health care, education amongst others. Most of the town suffers from a lack of water facilities and electricity is intermittent. Education too could do with a huge fillip. This should not have been the case,” said Grithalson Arengh.

Stating his objectives would be to first take care of these if given the mandate, Arengh felt his reach amongst the grass-root and the poor in the town would stand him in very good stead in the coming elections.

Arengh further felt that the present MLA was not a performer as could be seen by the lack of change in matters in the constituency.

“He must have tried his best but it changed nothing. People need leaders who will be able to change the way they live for the better. The same problems that were there the last elections, continue to persist even in this one,” he added.

“I am confident of winning as people need someone who can hear their voice and help them. Over the past 10-15 years, the people of Tura have not seen development. Its time they got back what is due to them,” added the Independent contestant.

Arengh is pitted against heavyweights for the South Tura constituency which include the current MLA form NCP, John Leslee K Sangma, BJP’s Billykid A Sangma, NPPs’ Agatha Sangma among others in the race to win the mandate of the people.



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