Meghalaya: Police serve pointers to prevent two-wheelers from being stolen

Meghalaya: Police serve pointers to prevent two-wheelers from being stolen

TURA, July 17, 2017: As bike thefts saw an increase over the last few months in Garo Hills, the police have issued an advisory seeking people’s cooperation in their effort to prevent such instances from going out of hand.

The advisory was issued just days after 3 bikes were stolen from Tura. After a cat and mouse chase, the police somehow managed to seize the stolen bikes from Halchati jungle but the thieves got away.

As per the press release issued by the West Garo Hills Police, after the arrest of bike thieves in May 2017, there was a drastic reduction in bike thefts in Tura, but recently incidence of sporadic bike thefts surfaced again.

To keep a tap on such cases, the cops started patrolling the main entry exit point of Tura town at crucial timings, covering vulnerable areas of Tura and a close tab was also kept on previously arrested criminals.

On Saturday, Dalu Police were informed that the one of the route for transport of such stolen bikes is via Nokchi towards Bangladesh border and that 3 bike thieves on 3 stolen bikes from Tura were proceeding towards Bangladesh via Nokchi- Halchati area. Accordingly special Ops was planned but sensing danger, the thieves abandoned the 3 bikes and ran away in the jungles of Halchati taking advantage of darkness and terrain. It is to be noted that these bikes were stolen very recently.

In this connection, operations are on to nab the criminals, and to prevent the crimes. “We also request the co operation and observation of certain important precautionary measures by vehicle owners and Public in general,” the release stated.

If you’re a bike owner, here’s what you ought to keep in mind

>> Its the responsibility of the owner of vehicle to park their two-wheelers in a safe and secure place which is enclosed and locked and they should also have a close watch on the same. (AVOID PARKING YOUR VEHICLES ON ROADSIDE AND INSECURE REMOTE PLACES, ALWAYS PARK IN YOUR SAFE CUSTODY/DESIGNATED PARKING PLACE)

>> Legally and also safety wise, it’s not advisable and it’s incorrect and liable for fine as per MV rules to park the vehicles on roads, no parking zones, in abandoned and remote areas, which itself will make it vulnerable for vehicle theft. (PARKING BY THE ROAD SIDE IS NOT ONLY INCORRECT, UNSAFE BUT ALSO LIABLE FOR FINE AND PUNISHRMENT UNDER MV RULE)

>> To park the vehicles in safe secure parking zones only, alternatively communities’ localities may evolve self help type common parking places which may be guarded by personnel deployed in common interest by the community,

>> Nokmas, local leaders are requested to appeal and evolve strategies and share and co ordinate with Police. (APPEAL TO ALL NOKMAS, LOCAL LEADERS, NGOs AND CHURCH LEADERS TO INCULCATE AND IMBIBE THESE SAFETY MEASURES INTO PUBLIC)

>> To co operate with the Traffic and Naka Checking Police by carrying all relevant documents of Vehicle and also document of identity. (PLEASE CO OPERATE WITH VEHICLE CHECKING BY DISPLAYING APPROPRIATE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS)

>> To inform police over PCR TURA Numbers:(attached) about any suspicious persons/any suspicious movements of persons/known/unknown etc, photographs videos of same also may be sent to us over our PCR WhatsApp number,(PROMPT QUICK INFO TO POLICE THROUGH PCR WILL HELP IN PROVIDING PROMPT POLICE SERVICE)

>> To adopt simple measures such as fastening vehicle with Strong Chain wheel and to any immovable pole, pillar etc, will help in a long way, in preventing. (PLEASE ADOPT SIMPLE INEXPENSIVE SAFETY MEASURES TO SAVE YOUR EXPENSIVE VEHICLES,FOR ADDL INFO CONTACT TRAFFIC POLICE TURA)

>> Empowered, alert smart Citizen is a great boost in securing safe society by Police. (EMPOWERED RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN AND PROMPT SENSITIVE EFFECTIVE POLICING IS NEED OF HOUR TO PREVENT AND CONTAIN CRIME)

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