Meghalaya: ‘Mukul Sangma desperate after UDP-HSPDP alliance’, Donkupar Roy!

Meghalaya: ‘Mukul Sangma desperate after UDP-HSPDP alliance’, Donkupar Roy!

Shillong, June 4, 2017: As Meghalaya Assembly election 2018 approaches fast next year, the Chief Minister as well as ministers from other parties, especially the regional parties have begun go take a dig at each other.

“I am amused by the views of chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma, a veteran politician, that UDP is in back door alliance with BJP”, said Donkupar Roy, UDP,Meghalaya president .

He also added, “We believe either in pre-poll alliance or post poll alliance and there is nothing like ‘backdoor or front door alliance’.
Donkupar also stated that Mukul Sangma was very desperate after the formation of UDP-HSPDP alliance.

He also made it clear that UDP did not have any pre poll alliance with BJP.

“Why should Dr Mukul Sangma blame regional parties for the rise of the BJP.
It is  the failure of the Congress party which gave rise to BJP both at the Centre and other states”, Roy added.

“Look at example of Assam where many Congress leaders shifted to BJP. Here in Meghalaya too, we are beginning to see the exodus of Congress men to BJP. Even in my Shella  constituency, the Congress men are joining  BJP.”

He also gave many instanves of Congress men shifting their allegiance to BJP and questioned the reasons for the same.

“From  Sohra too, the former Congress  legislator  Dr PW Khongjee joined the BJP.
Hence, it is not UDP which is encouraging BJP, but it is because of the failure of the Chief Minister and his party that their members are joining the BJP.” He added.

Roy also went on to say that the rise of BJP in Meghalaya was due to the failure of CM as we as his party.

“In national politics, the Congress failed resulting in BJP forming Government, but  in Meghalaya , we hope that the regional alliance will win the 2018 election”, Roy stated.




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